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New curtain and upholstery fabric 

With Moroni and Namal, Vescom is adding a new curtain and upholstery fabric to its collection. Two genuine problem-solvers. Moroni for rooms that need to be completely dark and Namal for furniture upholstery when high wear-resistance is a must. Both products offer a high-impact appearance and are available in a wide range of colours.

100% black out

The full black out curtain fabric, Moroni, has a cotton look and drapes very smoothly. The functional black out feature is a welcome addition to the other dim out curtain fabrics such as Iseo, Bedra and Tavira. Moroni is available in 23 up-to-date, refreshing and bright colours.

60.000 Martindale

The Namal upholstery fabric has a subtle, blended crêpe like structure. The fabric is highly resistant to wear-and-tear (Martindale > 60.000 rotations), and also stands up to the effects of rubbing and light. With a broad colour palette of 42 colours, Namal can be used across the board. Warm shades such as coral red, cool tints such as ice blue and various neutrals. Namal is exceptionally suitable for applications in an office setting, due to its functional properties.