Decorative designs and basics 

Update Xorel textile wallcovering 

Vescom has added no less than six new certification-compliant designs to the Xorel textile wallcovering collection! Cradle-to-Cradle Gold certified. Three decorative designs, one with an ombre effect and two plain colour designs.

Fractal Emboss, Kaleidoscope and Fragment Emboss are modern graphic designs. All three combine a subtle play of lines with a jacquard weave. The large pattern repeats create a lovely large scale effect. Fractal Emboss is a network of random lines. Kaleidoscope features a large graphic motif depicted in bold lines. Fragment Emboss has a star motif arranged as a grid. These three decorative designs are available in metallic shades of brass, bronze, silver and gold.


The longitudinal lines of Fizzle Graphic introduce a range of colour across the wall. The wallcovering is available in four soft pastel shades. Impressive in any room!

Circuit and Flash Back are a fine-texture dobby weave. Circuit comes in 8 neutral and subdued colours. The slightly fresher colour spectrum of Flash Back offers a choice of 14 shades.


x-protect wallâ„¢

The new designs all have x-protect wallâ„¢ paper backing. This makes the wallcovering 100% water-repellent so it can be cleaned with water and disinfectant. The backing also prevents build-up of bacteria and mould, making the wallcovering ideal for use in healthcare environments!


Xorel collection

The designs will be added to the binder Xorel textile wallcovering. The collection consists of 18 designs that vary from plain and smooth to pattern and relief in a range of rich and subdued colours. Xorel wallcovering is woven from durable polyethylene. This synthetic fibre possesses a number of properties that make Xorel unique of its kind. The yarn is permanently durable, cleanable and colourfast. The water-repellent finish makes the wallcovering easy to clean.