Design your own print on Vescom wallcovering 

The possibilities are endless 

Become acquainted with the digital printed wallcovering by Vescom: perfect for translating exactly that one idea into a beautiful print at any size. Ideal for contract-specific solutions in for instance the hospitality industry, care sector, office environments, retail interiors and education. Will it be your own design or an image from the image database? The possibilities with Vescom’s digital printed wallcovering are limitless and the result is always breathtaking.

Vescom offers a choice from seven different surfaces in various structures. Our ceiling-to-floor surface Langor even provides the largest walls with a seamless, full-colour print. Vescom guarantees high quality: durable, easy to clean, flame retardant, scratch and impact resistant, safe, colourfast and lightfast. The specialists of Vescom’s design service think along with our customers and offer support throughout the entire process.

Which image can we print for you?