Diversity and richness 

New vinyl wallcovering designs 

Two new, yet contrasting vinyl wallcovering designs – Cantin and Kilby - a new colour series for the well-known Trinity and Detroit qualities. With this update, Vescom offers an exciting range of diversity, structure and richness in material. A perfect addition to the collection!

rich structure

Cantin’s rich structure suggests depth and a 3D effect. The distinctive embossing in combination with the 12 metallic colours creates a luxurious look and make the wallcovering come to life even more.


The counterpart of the more distinct Cantin design is the modest, widely usable Kilby. The textile structure, with its smooth grain and linen-like feel, creates a welcoming look. The extensive range of colours (31 colours) is diverse and includes natural tones as well as up-to-date, bright and refreshing tones like saffron, coral red, denim blue and new aqua- and green tins.

The vertical stripe with the multicoloured, irregular stripe pattern, give the Trinity an exciting and rich overall look. The modest, dark colours of the previous Trinity range make way for lighter and more distinct, up-to-date colours (19 colours), such as turquoise / aqua, aubergine, mauve and warm grey hues.


Detroit is available in 25 new, up-to-date colours, inspired by the Japanese and Scandinavian paper colours. The fine, all-over embossing makes the wall lively and tactile, without being obtrusive. Detroit is easily applied, thanks to the wide range of natural tones and white tints.


vinyl wallcovering

Vescom vinyl wallcovering is extremely strong, hygienic, durable, lightfast, colourfast, scratchproof, impact-resistant, can be applied seamlessly and is easy to care for. Vinyl wallcovering can be supplied with Vescom Protect for additional protection against stains and chemicals.