Vescom curtain fabrics provide a solution that fits seamlessly – you can take that ‘seamless’ literally with Vescom double width solutions – and the adaptability that clients have come to expect. With plain, patterned and translucent variations, as well as acoustic absorption, black out and dim out options, the curtain range offers more than 35 technical qualities. These can all be expressed in as many as 600 colourways.

Thanks to yarn innovations, the Vescom collection of curtain fabrics provides a more individual experience in terms of structure, pattern, colour and material expression. Each pattern has a distinctive look and feel, offering the ideal solution for every interior. The curtain fabrics are flame-retardant, colourfast, functional and durable, making them perfect for the international contract market.


Despite their transparency and minimal weight, Vescom’s Corsica, Capri, Carmen, Marmara and Formoza ranges boast a sound absorption coefficient, measured as Alpha w, of between 0.5 and 0.6. Using these transparent, acoustic curtain fabrics reduces reverberation, muffles sound and improves audibility in project environments such as offices, conference rooms, restaurants, hotel lobbies and multifunctional spaces. The fabrics are flame-retardant, meeting the strictest European standard for public buildings (Class B1 high fire-resistance according to DIN 4102). These curtain fabrics are developed and designed by Annette Douglas and are manufactured by Vescom.