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soft and sophisticated spatial solutions  

Soak interiors in comfort and quietness, connect or divide a room, block or dim natural light: it’s all possible with Vescom’s adaptable range of curtain fabrics. Whether you’re searching for something pure, patterned or translucent, we have the ideal option for every space.

Some curtains simply look good, while others – particularly in the contract market – mainly fulfil a technical function. Vescom’s, on the other hand, do both. In line with its goal of bringing sustainable, long-lasting solutions to professional customers, Vescom relies on its own weaving mills to produce refined curtain fabrics that are flame retardant, colourfast, washable at high temperatures, functional and durable. Acoustic absorption, black out and dim out: the collection offers more than 30 technical qualities, all of which can be expressed in as many as 600 colourways.

privacy prevails  

Blocking 100 and 99 per cent of light respectively, black out and dim out options come in a vast array of colours that are attentively aligned with the different designs. The soft and luxurious fabrics include bright basics; silk, tweed and linen looks; and multi-tone grid and herringbone motifs. Stretching from floor to ceiling, these economically priced curtains provide privacy and ensure that rooms can experience the cover of darkness. What’s more, they exude serenity when viewed from within, and appear uniform from the outside.

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undercover acoustics  

The words ‘translucency’ and ‘airy’ aren’t typically associated with acoustic materials. But that’s what you’ll find in Vescom’s range of strong yet lightweight sound-absorbing curtain fabrics. Designed to combat noise pollution while maintaining connection and transparency in today’s open-plan environments – offices, conference rooms, hotel lobbies and multifunctional spaces – Tay, Tinos, Corsica, Capri, Carmen, Marmara and Formoza absorb up to five times more noise than standard sheer curtain fabrics. Ideal for interiors rich in sound-reflective surfaces – concrete, glass and marble, for instance – Vescom’s acoustic materials soften reverberation and the space itself.

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barely there  

Vescom’s transparent curtain collection runs the gamut of fabrics, from subtle neutrals to unique accents to sophisticated metallics. Easy to use and affordably priced, the range includes graphic structured fabrics and textured wovens. Falling sinuously from floor to ceiling, the see-through selection offers something for any and every interior.

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the total package  

Not only do Vescom’s curtain fabrics come in a multitude of materials and colours, but they’re also flame retardant, meeting the strictest global standards for public buildings. Light- and colourfast, not to mention washable at high temperatures, the brand’s curtain fabrics can be railroaded to achieve a seamless floor-to-ceiling solution.

Whatever the need, Vescom’s products inherently have the answer. Design and function go hand in hand – a mentality that applies across the board, from curtains to wallcovering to upholstery. Visible links between collections afford architects the freedom to pick and choose from the brand’s various typologies for a harmonious and holistic result.

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