Contemporary colours for contemporary times  

Introducing vinyl wallcovering: Kilby recolour

With the release of Kilby’s new nature-inspired palette, Vescom revitalizes one of its most popular wallcoverings.

universal appeal  

Contributing to Kilby’s ongoing success is its universality. With its non-directional linen look, Kilby is subtle yet distinct. Its presence and structure offer a look and feel unparalleled by painted surfaces without overpowering a space. That makes it fitting not only for every scale – from modest corridors or rooms to vast surfaces and open spaces – but for every type of interior, from hospitality to healthcare.

meeting modern demands  

As the divisions between spatial typologies are blurring and multifunctional interiors are becoming a tool for supporting modern lifestyles, Kilby’s flexibility makes the wallcovering an asset for today’s spaces.

handcrafted combinable colours  

Vescom’s in-house colour experts have handcrafted a sophisticated yet fresh new Kilby palette, paying particular attention to colour groupings – how certain tones and shades can be harmoniously combined.

nature-inspired palette  

Attuned to contemporary times through its strong connection to nature and wellbeing, Kilby’s 33-colour palette ranges from grounding earthen shades to fresh floral tones. There are dusty pinks and ochres, grassy greens and soft lavender that recall lush fields and meadows, and a range of blues that span the depth of the ocean to a soft sky. Including numerous versatile neutrals, the diverse offering further strengthens Kilby’s universality.

ultra-strong and sanitary  

Kilby is part of Vescom’s wide range of successful textile-inspired vinyl wallcovering, easy-to-use products with the look and feel of natural fabric that are strong enough for high-traffic contract spaces. Providing an extra layer of defence in interiors is Kilby+Protect, a wallcovering so sanitary it can be used in hospitals, surgeries and aged-care facilities. Kilby+Protect has a strong resistance against more aggressive chemicals, such as alcohols, solvents, bleaching agents, acids and bases. To make this benefit as accessible as possible, six Kilby+Protect colours are even available with a minimum order of only 1 metre.

products that last the distance  

As a longstanding member of the wallcovering collection, Kilby highlights Vescom’s dedication to designing and making products that last the distance – both physically and aesthetically. Not only are Vescom wallcoverings extremely durable with a long lifespan, but their enduring designs make them timeless, too.

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