Vescom introduces Purefin 

Olefin wallcovering that feels good and does good


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Vescom introduces an innovation in sustainable embossed wallcovering. The first of its kind to be released in Europe, Purefin is an environmentally friendly olefin wallcovering with the proven performance and durability benefits of hardwearing materials.

In today’s busy world, the right materials can transform interiors of any kind into quiet, comfortable and healthy spaces that both feel good and do good. There’s a growing need for alternative interior materials that take a bold step forward in sustainability and durability. The olefin-based wallcovering is free of PVC, plasticisers, chlorine, heavy metals, formaldehyde, halogenated fire retardants and phthalates.

This unique material asked for a unique identity. Vescom Purefin wallcovering comes in two embossed designs that have a distinctive natural, chalky, matte look. ‘Undesigned’, not over-designed, they have an artisanal, hand-crafted appearance.

"Materials that make a difference today and in the future." 


inspired by traditional plant-based weaving materials

Linen-like with visible cross-hatched texture and structure, Lynn is inspired by traditional plant-based weaving materials, such as flax, raffia and rattan. It has a quietness and an essential quality that reflect these ancient roots.

Lynn’s nine natural colourways include cool and warm shades, from crisp linen to soft hemp to dry bamboo. Each colour is made up of two tones, which give the material extra depth on interior walls.

"Honouring the need for honest simplicity." 


inspired by concrete and clay

Concreed reflects its inspiration: concrete and clay. Its linear embossment and irregularity evoke a craggy cliff face, the imprint of formwork left behind in poured textured concrete, or the ridges in a piece of rustic, handcrafted pottery.

Rough and rugged yet achieving a peaceful ambience in interiors, Concreed reinforces its earthy influences with its natural palette: six neutral tones that call to mind chalk, travertine and kaolin.

Produced in the Netherlands in line with Vescom’s holistic approach to sustainability and wellbeing, Purefin has a reduced carbon footprint, better environmental impact and leads to improved indoor air quality due to its low VOC levels, promoting healthier environments.

Sustainable Materialogy 

Purefin is the latest addition to Vescom’s Sustainable Materialogy story: materials with a common ground for a common good. Vescom offers a diverse toolbox of high-performance materials for architects and designers to find the right solution for each specific project. Each wallcovering, upholstery and curtain fabric has its own material-driven identity, benefits and approach to sustainability, providing specifiers with various ways to achieve their desired interiors while making eco-conscious choices.

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A European first, Vescom Purefin is an embossed wallcovering based on olefin. Purefin has a reduced carbon footprint, better environmental impact and leads to improved indoor air quality due to its low VOC levels. With a unique look that matches the uniqueness of the material, Purefin is available in two designs: Concreed, inspired by concrete and clay, and linen-like Lynn. See and feel their natural, chalky quality by requesting a free sample pack, which includes the two designs in a selection of colours.

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