water-diluted primer

Vescom primer/sealer for standard absorbent substrates such as rendered and plastered walls, dilute with 1 part Vescom primer/sealer to 3 parts water. For all highly-absorbent substrates such as plaster, concrete, plasterboard and spray plaster, Vescom primer/sealer must be used undiluted. Applying an undiluted Vescom primer/sealer will make the material easier to remove over time. For additional information consult the general processing instructions – Vescom vinyl and textile wallcovering.


The adhesive must not be exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations. Vescom primer/sealer is frost-resistant up to -10°C.



diluted: ± 10 m²/l

non-diluted: ± 7 m²/l


It is recommended that the Vescom primer/sealer is applied using a block brush. Rinse all tools in clean water.


shelf life

9 months


safety instructions

Vescom primer/sealer should only be used in well-ventilated areas. If the primer/sealer comes into contact with your eyes or is ingested through the mouth, immediately rinse with plenty of water and consult a doctor if necessary. For additional information consult the safety information sheet.