Digital printed wallcovering creates inspiring work environment  

Werkse!, Den Hoorn - Holland 

Product: digital printed wallcovering

Interior design: ARTvertisements | Contracter: Kloet

Photos: Michael van Oosten

A long grey corridor is not the most inspiring when it comes to learning and working. Let alone to support work seekers to enthusiastically join the labour market! Werkse! gave ARTvertisements the following instruction: create more light and air in combination with Werkse!'s mission and vision. The result: a true metamorphosis using >digital printed wallcovering.

The client had a clear requirement: the wallcovering must be able to take a hit or two. Vescom's vinyl wallcovering was chosen because of the high scratch resistance. The custom designed prints created by ARTvertisements have been printed digitally on vinyl wallcovering. The colours, contrast and technical properties of the wallcovering have been retained and exactly the required mood has been created that the client had in mind!

applied designs 



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Do you also want to create the perfect image for the walls of that one rather special project? Our >digital printed wallcovering ensures you can exactly translate that one idea into a beautiful print at any size. The possibilities are endless.

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