Customized wallcovering for the new head office of Deutsche Reihenhaus AG 

Project: Deutsche Reihenhaus AG, Köln - Germany

Products: vinyl wallcovering and Wallcovering+Print

Design: hell und freundlich | Photos:

customized digital printed colourful wallcovering creates a cosy office atmosphere 

When designing the new head office for Deutsche Reihenhaus AG in Cologne, the focus was on employee satisfaction. On 4,000 square metres, distributed over four floors, 222 comfortable and spacious workplaces with a high feel-good component were created, embedded in an overall interior design concept with a high density of materials and colours. Each individual floor, the cafeteria and restaurant were given their very own mix of colours.

In order to implement their sophisticated design concept, the interior designers from hell und freundlich worked with wallcoverings from Vescom and used three designs in a total of 15 different colour variations. Visual highlights were set with creative print designs that matched the overall interior concept. The designs were created in collaboration with the ONOGRIT Creative Studio design agency in Cologne and were printed digitally onto Vescom's Langor+Print wallcovering. This surface has a width of 320cm and can be railroaded to provide a seamless floor-to-ceiling wallcovering.


"Our goal was a dense, intensive interplay of materials and colours, resulting in a harmonious and impressive spatial experience. The wide selection and creative design possibilities of the Vescom collection absolutely helped us to achieve this goal," says Patricius C. M. Schalkwijk, owner of hell und freundlich, adding: "The fact that the vinyl wallcovering is easy to clean and disinfectable is another major advantage in times like these."

applied designs 


1067.01 - 1067.21




1106.01 - 1106.44


1109.01 - 1109.25

create a spatial statement with Wallcovering+Print  

Vescom recognizes the value that customization can add to today’s international contract interiors. That’s why we offer architects and designers bespoke material solutions, including digital printing for wallcovering. Solutions that provide the perfect fit, like a handmade glove. Whether architects and designers provide us with imagery that’s realistic or abstract, of a pattern or material, or even text-based, we will translate it into a wallcovering of the perfect size and quality.

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