textile wallcovering 

add texture and elegance indoors 

Wrap your space in luxury with Vescom’s diverse range of textile wallcovering. Utilizing a wide array of techniques and colour tones, Vescom brings out the inherent beauty of materials – all while developing products that meet strict international contract-market standards.

Textile wallcovering design Saria

Searching for rich saturated colours or a subdued yet sophisticated palette? Vescom’s products span the entire spectrum, from the intensity of luxurious silk to the pure and natural look of linen. An extensive range of non-woven materials comprises concrete-like tones and earthy hues – colours that bring the use of new advanced techniques to the forefront.

a luxurious layer 

Rich texture is synonymous with luxury. Architects and designers can choose from a tactile palette – which includes such materials as silk, linen and non-wovens – to add extra value and an air of exclusivity to a space.

Textile wallcovering design Linosa

Textile wallcovering design Linosa close-up

the soft side of hard use 

Making products that meet international contract-market standards without losing their inherent beauty is no small feat. Rich, tactile, elegant and designed to withstand heavy use, Vescom’s textile wallcovering is ideal for such commercial projects as hotels, fashion boutiques and boardrooms.

Textile wallcovering design sinkiang applied in a modern office

the choice is yours 

Taste is personal. That’s why Vescom’s textile wallcovering collections celebrate diverse materials and techniques. Linen, silk, xorel, cotton; woven, crushed, calendered, printed, embossed, flocked, embroidered, laser-cut: a multitude of surfaces and structures means architects and designers can find the perfect fit for every project.

Textile wallcovering designs Kai & Fenda

material-driven design 

The inherent nature of raw materials guides the look and feel of every finished product. Rather than generating patterns for patterns’ sake, Vescom responds to the distinct properties of chosen materials and techniques. Playing with the warp and weft, for instance, brings threads to life and creates an interplay of light and surface – particularly in xorel wallcovering.

Textile wallcovering design Switch

handcrafted look and feel 

Despite being industrially manufactured, Vescom’s textile wallcovering looks and feels as if it’s made by hand. You can still sense the craft, whether it’s through the impression of a silk loom or the texture of visible wood-pulp threads.

Textile wallcovering design montado

Textile wallcovering design Mechanica close-up

many products, one DNA  

Textile wallcovering is just one element of Vescom’s holistic material bank, which also includes fabrics, curtains and acoustic sheers. Everything is designed with the same DNA. Thanks to visible crossover between product groups, individual materials used within a space can feel like part of one family.

Close-up of wallcovering & curtain samples

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