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One of the bestselling products in the Xorel® wallcovering collection, Meteor is a simple woven design that comes in a bounty of colours to work with any and every interior palette. Thanks to the compatibility of the colour groupings, several different tones and shades can be combined to create one harmonious atmosphere or to differentiate specific areas within an interior. With the highest level of flame retardancy in the Xorel® range, Meteor is a remarkably high-performance product with an impressive level of choice.

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"In addition to its distinctive look, the high performance and low environmental impact of Meteor make it an unparalleled product for contemporary times." 

"Certified Cradle to Cradle® Silver – an assurance of its circularity – Meteor is incredibly strong, durable and long-lasting, and achieves the highest level of flame retardancy in the Xorel® range." 

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