Customized wallcovering helps create the 'coolest student accommodation in Scotland' 

Project: True Student, Glasgow - UK | Product: customized wallcovering

Interior design: KKA Interiors | Photos: Stewart Jones

Bringing creative vision to life with customized wallcovering 

KKA Interiors were appointed as the Interior Designers for the development at Glasgow West End by Bricks Developments to help develop their new brand -True Student-, and bring to life a striking and fun concept.

From design intent through concept development and into the finished article, KKA have worked together with the client to create the ‘coolest student accommodation in Scotland’. This they have certainly achieved. In helping to deliver innovative walls and ‘quirky, fun designs’ KKA Interiors selected and worked with Vescom to interpret, develop and deliver their ideas using digitally printed wallcovering.


Director of Interior Design Monika Swindells said ‘we worked with Vescom as time was an issue and we needed perfect service. We knew we had only four weeks to develop completely bespoke designs, trial them, print them and install them. There was no extra time so we needed a company that could focus and who could deliver. Knowing that, we only considered Vescom’. Monika went on to say ‘Vescom just got it. From the first concept through to final approvals they were easy to work with and the product they delivered was just awesome. For all this, when we saw the prices we couldn’t believe our luck. Fabulous service, wonderful product and priced fairly. A great combination and we cannot wait to work with them again’.

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