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playful and three-dimensional


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Auckland gets its playful look, three-dimensionality and organic grid from the intermingling of its two different weft yarns – one boucle, the other flat. Both weft yarns are made from almost 100% recycled polyester, derived from post-consumer PET bottles. These yarns are combined with a polyester FR warp, bringing the total recycled content of Auckland to 76%.

By using different coloured yarns for this jacquard upholstery fabric, we’ve produced 34 unique and surprising colour combinations, like crisp violet and mossy green or bold blue and vibrant orange. In each high-performance upholstery textile, the two colours stand on their own while uniting to form a third, new colour. This offers a practical advantage, giving Auckland a chameleon-like quality that makes it compatible with almost any colour scheme.

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"An organic grid from intermingled yarns." 

"A tightly woven boucle melange, Auckland is super strong yet soft and playful." 

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