Wallcovering inspired by the feel of wood 

Perfect for creating a warm and natural atmosphere 

Vescom is introducing two new vinyl wallcovering patterns: Wutai and Corvo. Both are inspired by the feel of wood and give an organic and natural look. Sagara, a timeless Vescom basic, is being reissued in no fewer than 44 colours.

organic bark structure with a matt look 

Wutai has a delicate organic bark structure with a dry matt look. In developing this pattern, Vescom's design team drew their inspiration from the natural feel of wood. Wutai creates a natural and warm atmosphere in any room. Available in 14 colours, from very dark charred anthracite to light, warm wood tones.

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rugged structure and a three-dimensional effect 

Corvo is also inspired by the natural beauty of wood. This pattern has a rugged structure, and gives an impressive three-dimensional effect on the wall. This product is extremely strong and resilient, making it perfect for rooms that are used intensively. The 9 muted wood tones emphasise the remarkable ‘natural material’ feel.


The organic and sustainable feel of Wutai and Corvo matches Vescom’s Tay and Tinos curtain fabrics. These products all reference organic materials and influences from nature, creating a peaceful, harmonious effect.

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expanded new colour range for timeless basic 

The timeless basic Sagara, known for its refined weave structure, is now available in a new and expanded colour range. There is a choice of no fewer than 44 colours, including many neutrals, black, warm grey and wool white, as well as plenty of contemporary shades of green and yellow.

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advantages of vinyl wallcovering 

Filled with various structures, colours and designs – some resemble luxurious tactile textiles, while others provide slick and super-hygienic surfaces – Vescom’s vinyl collection can either blend in or stand out. And the advantages far surpass its aesthetic appeal: the material is flame retardant, light- and colourfast, easy to install and maintain, resistant to scratches and impact, and offers protection against stains and chemicals. What’s more, Vescom’s vinyl wallcovering has a long lifespan of at least ten to 15 years.

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