Our wallcovering collection includes vinyl and textile options and offers more than 150 standard patterns in a palette of over 2,000 colours. With digital printed wallcovering you can customise your walls, using your own pattern or image to tell your own story and create the ultimate tailor-made backdrop.

vinyl wallcovering

Vinyl is a material with a whole range of properties. All Vescom vinyl wallcovering comes with a cotton substrate making it exceptionally strong. Vescom vinyl is not only exceptionally beautiful, but also durable, flame retardant, non-fading and colourfast, resistant to scratches and impact. It can be applied seamlessly and is easy to maintain. Our vinyl wallcovering will easily last for 10 to 15 years.

Vescom vinyl wallcovering provides the solution when durability and/or meeting hygiene standards is of the essence. The Vescom Protect option is available for environments that call for additional protection against stains and chemicals.


textile wallcovering

Bring nature inside with Vescom textile wallcovering! We offer a whole gamut of warm and widely applicable materials, using cotton, linen, silk and synthetic fibres. There are myriad of colours and patterns, for hospitality, healthcare, office, education and recreation settings. Vescom textile wallcovering really brings an interior to life!