design your own print! 

Vescom wallcovering+print offers a blank canvas to create your own story on a wall. From portraying the history of a grand hotel to capturing children’s dreams on the walls of a hospital ward, from instilling calm in a doctor’s waiting room to creating a fun, vibrant office. The creative possibilities for enlivening an interior with +print are boundless, adding a distinctive stamp and enhancing the character of a whole building.


- Design your own feature, focal point or wall.

- Wide range of existing images making selection easy.

- Vescom's design service helps you from concept to wall.

- Choose from 7 different types of surface.

- Floor-to-ceiling and can be applied seamlessly.

- Flame retardant and safe.

- Extremely hard wearing.

- Easy to clean.

- Colour and lightfast.


Vescom's design service: from concept to wall  

Vescom's professional design service helps you through the entire printing process, from concept to wall. We translate your ideas into beautiful bespoke images, perfectly suited to enhance any interior. You provide the design or select an existing image, or simply give us the concept you’d like us to adapt and develop. We will then produce artwork for your approval and sign off – easy!

The approved image is then printed on one of 7 surfaces, either floor-to-ceiling or with a pronounced texture - and with all the usual Vescom functional and technical features. This is what makes Vescom wall coverings and prints perfect for project-specific solutions and an ideal choice for any interior, whether in the hospitality industry, care sector, in the office, in a retail setting or in education.

deliver your own design

choose your image

7 surfaces 

the backing

A white vinyl wallcovering serves as the backing for the bespoke +print option. There are several property and texture options offered as standard, all available from stock, and a uniform and crystal-clear image is guaranteed. All the following options are suitable for use in the contract market:

image size

For a wallcovering it is possible to print an image up to 1.25m wide and 50m high. Larger images are printed in sections (width) that match seamlessly. With the floor-to-ceiling langor+print variant it is possible to produce prints that are up to 3.15m high and 30m wide.







colour choice+print








deliver your own design

choose your image