Geometric structure 

New fire-retardant curtain fabrics 

Two new fire-retardant curtain fabrics: Syros and Delos. Syros has a raised woven geometric pattern. Delos is the matching tone-on-tone unpatterned version.

Modern, decorative and stylish. These are the two new curtain fabrics from Vescom: Syros and Delos. Both fabrics are 133 cm wide, fall beautifully and have a lovely sheen. Perfect in all kinds of settings! Ideal for creating a pleasant and comfortable feel in any contract environment.

Syros is available in 10 tone-on-tone colours. The Delos colour series includes 15 fresh modern shades. The colours are designed to complement each other so the fabrics can be combined.


broad programme

The designs are being added to binder curtain 02. The curtain fabric collection consists of plain, patterned, black outs, dim outs and translucent curtain fabrics including acoustic translucent curtain fabrics. The fabrics are lightfast, colourfast, fire retardant, safe, functional, durable and, in many cases, washable at high temperatures. All fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified.