Luxurious, modern and versatile 

New textile wallcovering collection 

Wallcovering 04 textile: 13 designs, 243 colours. A versatile collection with attention for different materials. All-over, subtle, tactile, comfortable and softening for the interior. Natural silk, linen, technical weaves and non-wovens. In colours linked to these textile qualities. Rich in look and quality. Modern!


silk: natural, intense, chic and elegant

Vescom silk wallcovering is an expression of elegance, luxury and class. The multicolour silk Saria (20 colours) is special because of its rich look with a modern twist. Sinkiang is a fine, light and multicoloured silk. Ganzu is a fine, irregular silk with a humble slubeffect. Available in no fewer than 42 brilliant and intense colours.

multicolour prints: modern eye-catchers

The light and glossy unpatterned non-woven Basic forms the basis on which the Ogami, Galiano and Bolsena are printed. Three highlights in the collection that betray their luxurious look and taste both at a distance and close-by. Graphic designs with a modern look. Galiano (20 colours) is a multicolour side look, Ogami (22 colours) has a moiré effect and Bolsena (14 colours) has a grid pattern.

linen looks: natural, pure and crystal-clear

The two designs with a linen look, Linville and Linosa, have a clear, natural and pure look. Minimalistic but elegant. Both qualities are available in light natural and soft hues.

Sazan is a quality with a decisively high-end look and gloss because of its streamlined and characteristic 2-colour horizontal effect.


Djerba and Hope are two strong weaves with a modern architectonic look in part due to their gloss. Both qualities are particularly durable.

The suede quality Morris completes the range of wallcovering 04 textile with 19 soft and true suede colours. A wallcovering collection that offers new opportunities for the enrichment and embellishment of interiors.


The collection is very suitable for use within the contract and residential markets due to the many composition, design and colour variants that are possible. The qualities are durable, aesthetic, colourfast, fire-retardant, easy to apply and can be supplied in any required length. The textile 04 collection can be obtained worldwide.