6 functional curtain fabrics for any office 

Do you want to improve the acoustics and ease of communication in a room? Do you want to subdivide an open space? Do you want to create a flexible workplace or, alternatively, create more privacy? The following 6 curtain fabrics will transform any office space to create a stylish and

functional working environment that boosts concentration, creativity and productivity. They all meet the technical requirements that are set within the international contract market.

curtain design formoza


This casual, playful and graphic curtain fabric absorbs up to five times more noise than usual translucent curtain fabrics.

Ideal to subdivide an open workplace and to improve the acoustics and ease of communication in a room.

Formoza is available in 12 brilliantly fresh colours.

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curtain design dolin


Dolin is a light textured blend and has a linen look! Thanks to the colour blend, this fabric can be easily applied to and combined with any interior.

Extremely functional! In combination with the 9 available soft colours, Dolin provides a soft and natural look to any room.

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curtain design carmen


This transparent, acoustic curtain fabric forms a visual translucent separation within a room.

The sun-reflecting effect stops bright sunlight from hitting displays. Carmen is perfect to create a room with more privacy!

The fabric has an architectonic rib with a subtle sheen and is available in 9 colours.

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curtain design syros


This curtain fabric is modern, decorative and stylish. The geometric pattern is built up from a woven structure.

Syros is available in 10 tone-on-tone colours. Delos is the matching tone-on-tone unpatterned version.

The colours are designed to complement each other so the fabrics can be combined. Ideal for creating a pleasant and comfortable feel in any contract environment.

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curtain design zembra


This semi-translucent curtain fabric with a linear effect is ideal to subdivide an open space or to create a flexible workplace.

Zembra is composed of 100% fire-retarding polyester and is available in 16 colours.

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curtain design moroni


Moroni is simply the solution when a room needs to be completely blacked out. Perfect to create focus and to prevent distractions.

This full black-out curtain fabric looks just like cotton and falls very smoothly. Moroni is available in 23 up-to-date, refreshing and bright colours.

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