Strong structure and colour 

New vinyl wallcovering designs 

A good start to 2016… Three new vinyl wallcovering designs and a new colour series for the Colour Choice classic option. Vescom is displaying the collection's diversity with this update. A suitable design for every room!

impressive structure

True to tradition, Vescom has strong structures in the collection such as Tonga and Shannon. The Clark design is new and really talked about. A robust, architectonic and graphic grid. Clark makes your wall into a true eye-catcher. The heavy texture ensures an impressive 3D effect that ensure that the wall plays with light and shadow in the room. Clark can be supplied in 19 mat and metallic colours.

140 colours in the Colour Choice

Bestseller Colour Choice is being launched in a new colour series. Fully adjusted to our times. In no fewer than 140 tints! An expansion of the neutral range and new highlighting colours.


Willow is a rich and layered design with a horizontal organic structure. Soft and elegant. The 20 new metallic colours in which Willow can be supplied are cool and chic.

Rainy is a basic quality with linen optical properties. The design has a natural and irregular look and feel. The extensive colour series (33 colours) includes real linen tints, but also clear colours such as jeans blue, coral red and sunflower yellow.


vinyl wallcovering

Vescom vinyl wallcovering is extremely strong, hygienic, durable, lightfast, colourfast, scratchproof, impact-resistant, can be applied seamlessly and is easy to care for. Vinyl wallcovering can be supplied with Vescom Protect for additional protection against stains and chemicals.