3 new stylish curtain fabrics  

Colour blends with a natural and luxurious look and feel 

Vescom is expanding its collection with three new stylish curtain fabrics: Dolin, Coron and Farasan. All these fabrics have their own structure and consist of a blend of different hues allowing the curtains to work with any interior; adding beauty, style and practicality.

Dolin is a light textured blend of colours and has a linen look. The fabric is matt with a subtle sheen. In combination with the 9 available gentle colours, Dolin provides a soft and natural look to an interior.

Coron (20 colours) has a linear woven structure with a natural sheen. The irregular rib structure gives a 3D impression and creates a warm and luxurious mood!


Farasan transforms any interior into a space with style and class. This contrast-right multicolour has a chic and luxurious look and feel thanks to its natural sheen. Farasan is railroaded to produce a seamless curtain from floor-to-ceiling. It’s available in no fewer than 16 special colours such as emerald, amber, cobalt and jade.