transparent, acoustic curtain fabrics 

sound-absorbent, transparent and flame retardant 

Do you want to improve the acoustics and ease of communication in a room, to partition an open space, to create a flexible workplace or gain more privacy? The new colours of the Carmen, Marmara and Formoza transparent, acoustic curtain fabrics offer the solution. Three designs each with its own character, colour palette and mood. Despite their transparency and light weight, the fabrics have a sound absorption of between 0.5 and 0.8 alphaw. Formoza and Marmara are floor-to-ceiling.

Noise is disruptive: Sound disrupts communication, reduces work performance and causes fatigue. Noise pollution can be reduced by using sound-absorbent materials. These reduce the echo time, absorb sound and improve communication.


Carmen, Marmara and Formoza absorb up to five times more sound than customary transparent curtain fabrics. The look and feel of the three designs is light, transparent, fresh and clear.

These transparent, refined glossy fabrics are of high quality: although they are extremely lightweight, they nevertheless possess a sound absorption coefficient of between alphaw 0.5 and 0.8. A light, transparent curtain has a standard alphaw of 0.15.


The fabrics are particularly effective at adding value to interiors with sound-reflecting surfaces, such as concrete, glass and marble, all of which produce echoes. They are translucent and suitable for many applications and are excellent at improving the acoustic properties of rooms including seminar or conference rooms, hotel lobbies and offices. Vescom offers a solution for every interior which requires acoustic solutions coupled with beautiful translucent fabrics.


Carmen, Marmara and Formoza are flame retardant and meet the most stringent European standard for public buildings.


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7 benefits 

acoustic – alphaw 0.5-0.8

The porosity of Vescom acoustic curtain fabrics and the special weaving technology

used in their production enable them to absorb up to five times more sound than other transparent curtain fabrics. Carmen: αw 0.5, Marmara: αw 0.5, Formoza: αw 0.8. The fabrics shorten the reverberation time, absorb sound and improve communication. View here all test reports.



Architects, designers and office fitters can now create in their design a visual

and translucent partition using curtain fabrics without having to disrupt

the area or the client radically.


fire safe

The use of 100% flame retardant polyester yarns results in fire safe fabrics that are suitable for projects. The fabrics meet the most stringent European standard for public buildings.

functional and problem-solving

Three functions in one curtain fabric. Translucent, maximum sound absorption and flame retardant. Formoza is extra wide. Marmara is extra wide and can be used on both sides.


lightweight and extremely strong

The curtain fabrics are extremely thin and lightweight – and also extremely strong.



The fabrics possess good resistance to daylight and comply with the colourfast requirements imposed by the contract market.


curtains can be made without seams

Marmara and Formoza are extra wide (± 3 m) and, therefore, curtains can be made without seams.

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