Vescom completes the curtain fabric collection 

New refined basics 

The transparent curtain fabric collection of Vescom is now complete with the arrival of Fogo, Chira and Clare.

Three refined basics in a broad colour series. They are floor-to-ceiling, fall flexibly, are very interesting from a pricing perspective and are easy to apply. A must have for any interior.



Fogo is the successor of the successful Vescom Zembra product.

The vertical structure of this fabric is characterised by a graphic nature that has a subtle sheen.

The 16 metallic tints in which Fogo is available will simply look perfect in any room.




The famous Chira has been fully updated in relation to colour.

The new colour series (32 colours) includes more natural grey midtones and various white hues.

The series has also been enriched with a few new accent colours such as soft lime, ash blue and powder coral.




The weave structure of Clare shows layering with a beautiful sheen as the finishing touch.

The metallic colours range from gold, silver and bronze to copper, brass and gunmetal.