Vescom links functionality to appearance 

The advantages of vinyl wallcovering 

Vescom develops, produces and distributes high-quality interior products for the international contract market: Wallcovering, upholstery and curtain fabrics. Our mission is clear within this context: to offer solutions for buyers who find the created mood as important as functionality. Vescom stands for high quality. When it comes to technology, design and service. Distinctive designs and durable materials form the basis of our collections.

We are market leaders in the area of the development, production and distribution of high-quality wallcovering. The extensive vinyl and textile wallcovering collection, therefore, belongs to the best in the sector.


Vinyl is a material with a range of functional properties. In combination with a cotton backing, it is exceptionally strong, durable, lightfast and colourfast and can resist scratches and impacts. It can be applied seamlessly and is easy to take care of. Vescom's vinyl wallcovering will easily last ten to fifteen years.




supplied in more than 50 designs and a range of colours

Vescom wallcovering can be supplied in very many designs in an unprecedented number of colours and structures.


can be supplied with a customised print

Our vinyl wallcovering can be supplied with a customised print. Whether it is branding, using graphic designs or photographic images on wallcovering. With >digital printed wallcovering, anything is possible! With the well-known quality and sustainability of Vescom.


long service life

Vinyl wallcovering is remarkably strong and durable and can easily last ten to fifteen years. Unnecessary and premature replacement can be avoided by using Vescom vinyl wallcovering. We achieve this long service life by applying a cotton backing onto a high quality vinyl finish with colour integrally spread throughout the product, as well as other processes.


flame retardant and safe

Vescom has the CE label for vinyl wallcovering. The wallcovering complies with the strictest requirements for fire safety.


scratchproof and impact-resistant

Vinyl wallcovering is scratchproof and impact-resistant. This is an important advantage when used in rooms with high activity. Just as the fact that vinyl wallcovering covers shrinkage and hairline cracks in the wall. Our products can also resist different climatic and extraneous influences such as cold, heat and chemicals. Should the wallcovering be damaged it can be simply repaired in a virtually invisible manner.


heavy duty

We have added vinyl wallcovering for heavy duty in our programme for rooms that are intensively used. These heavy duty qualities such as Hauki and Palena are approximately one and a half to two times heavier when compared to our standard vinyl qualities and, therefore, additionally resistant.


can be applied quickly and simply

Vescom vinyl can be mounted quickly and does not require drying time. The product is odourless so the rooms can be used immediately after handling the product.

seamless handling

The material can be applied seamlessly. Clean hanging instructions are available.


minimum care

Vescom vinyl wallcovering can be easily cleaned using standard household cleaners. In addition, a special cleaner is available with which nearly all types of stains can be easily removed. Vescom Cleaner is a mild, universal cleaning solution with which our wallcovering will continue to look as new.

Structural maintenance is not required as from when Vescom vinyl wallcovering is applied until it needs to be replaced. The only thing required is repair of any damage.


Vescom Protect

Taking hygiene even further is Vescom Protect. Vescom Protect is wallcovering that can withstand intense cleaning and disinfecting without losing its beauty. Vescom Protect’s extremely hardwearing nature makes it the right choice for environments that require periodic intensive cleaning and disinfecting.


can be disinfected

Our vinyl wallcovering is easy to clean and disinfect. Cleaning is possible with standard household cleaning products and Vescom Cleaner.


In addition, vinyl wallcovering with a Vescom Protect finish ensures it can be cleaned with disinfectants based on alcohol and active chlorine, among others. These disinfectants destroy bacteria, fungi and viruses. Follow our cleaning advise to make sure the wallcovering will continue to look as new.


the alternative for glass fibre and paint

Vinyl wallcovering is the alternative for paint and glass fibre because of the long service life, hygiene and ease of cleaning.


suitable for partition or system walls

Vescom's wallcovering is crack-bridging and can be used on structural walls but also on partitions or system walls.


worthwhile investment

Using Vescom's vinyl wallcovering products will lead to significant savings. No additional costs can be expected during the standard service life of ten to fifteen years of the product. This means that our products are cheaper than alternatives such as painted glass fibre or paint during the life expectancy.


no loss of time and money

When a customer has decided to use Vescom, he or she will, naturally, want to use the wallcovering as quickly as possible - and you can! Our wallcovering is produced in our factories and can be supplied straight from stock in the required lengths. This will ensure that customers save on time and often also money.



Vescom wallcovering is made in an environment-friendly production process. Vescom works in accordance with a controlled and certified ISO 14001 environmental management system.



Vescom is a member of "VinylPlus". This initiative started by the international vinyl-processing industry has the objective of improving the sustainable production and use of PVC.


excellent service and after-sales

The service and after-sales of Vescom are as you might expect from a producer of top-quality wallcovering.

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