Tactile, subdued metallics, and new takes on tradition 

Vescom launches new textile wallcovering collection, and expands its existing 05 binder  
with Linen and Switch 

Honouring tactility:  
the new wallcovering 08 textile collection 

Eschewing slick surfaces – which are now synonymous with omnipresent screens and digital devices – Vescom’s new 23-product collection adds tangible depth and character to spaces. Responding to an increase in industrial-style interiors, the range of non-woven materials comprises concrete-like tones and earthy hues – colours that bring the use of new advanced techniques to the forefront.


Christiane Müller, Vescom’s design director, describes the architectonic collection as a series of ‘reduced metallics’. ‘The wallcovering 08 textile binder downplays luxury. It’s subtle and sophisticated. Once in a while there’s a touch more ornamentation, but it’s never over the top.’

The collection is characterized by an interaction of surface and light, with subtle shimmery moments adding a luxurious edge to the neutral palette. Montado, for instance, is made from compressed wood pulp. The product’s silvery series recalls concrete, whereas its browner shades almost emulate cork. Star-like apertures reveal glimpses of the mirrored surface beneath, which glistens and flickers in the presence of light.


Unique combinations of techniques and treatments – printing, dyeing, coating, crushing, embossing, flocking, lasering and laminating – result in a rich tapestry of surprising products. The embossed lines of Zagara, for instance, are almost reminiscent of painted Japanese wood. Kai’s complex embossing method is masked by an aesthetically simple design. A grid of three-dimensional dots adds a layer of industrial poetry to ten tones of a handmade-leather look, a material that recurs in the complementary Fenda series.

Certain techniques were also adapted to arrive at new solutions. Montresor’s seemingly traditional herringbone pattern – an effect typically produced through weaving – is made possible in a non-woven material through the modification of laser machines to repetitively cut and scratch. Tiffany is also the result of new laser techniques. The product features fine bands of micro glitter on a shiny leather-like base.

The entire collection is ASTM E84 Class A and Euroclass fire rated, making it ideal for the contract market. Blending luxury and tactility, the 08 collection is perfectly at home in spaces that do the same, such as hotels, restaurants and bars.

Linen and Switch: new additions  
to wallcovering 05 textile collection 

Metaphorically strengthening a collection in which literal strength is key, two new Xorel products join Vescom’s wallcovering 05 textile binder. ‘Xorel is such a robust material that meets contract-market specifications,’ says Müller, ‘And it’s also a cradle-to-cradle product.’


Linen and Switch feature a pronounced warp and weft, a trait in line with their textile-inspired origins. Linen finds organic texture through the movement of threads. Marrying tradition and technology, the result achieves a classic look with a modern material. Similarly, Switch is a play on timeless herringbone. Alternating stripes of classical herringbone and basket weaves build a tonal design, whose pattern affords both interesting close-up views and a broad texture when seen from further afar. Like their collection companions, both products are neutral in tone.

‘It makes complete sense to include Linen and Switch in a collection with such products as Meteor and Strie,’ says Müller. ‘The collection isn’t about decoration or ornamentation; it’s about creating textile wallcoverings with Xorel-specific qualities.’