The look of textile, the functionality of vinyl 

New vinyl upholstery 

The soft and pleasant look of a textile, combined with the superior wear properties of vinyl upholstery. That is what Jemo and Scott offer. Two new qualities in an extensive and surprising colour palette.

Scott (18 colours) has a fine woven structure reminiscent of linen fabric. Jemo (21 colours) is the matching tone-on-tone un-patterned coordinate with a slight gloss. Particularly friendly, hospitable and inviting, but at the same time functional and resistant to wear.


The colour blends are very special and daring. Soft and chic. Delicate pink, saffron, gold, jeans blue and various neutrals. Since the Jemo and Scott colours are complementary, the designs are perfectly combinable. Ideal to play around with or to create different zones in your interior.


The new qualities provide a powerful addition to the Vescom collection. Optically and technically of a high quality. They can be used widely in the contract market, especially in retail stores, healthcare and the education sector.


Vescom vinyl upholstery is composed of a vinyl top layer with a cotton backing. Its weight of 800 g/m2 guarantees a very robust product with a long service life. The products are fire-retardant, wear-resistant (Martindale > 125,000 rubs), rubfast (5), lightfast (7-8) and IMO certified. Moreover, highly resistant to urine, blood and perspiration stains.


Vescom vinyl upholstery is hygienic and has built-in resistance to bacteria. Vescom vinyl upholstery is dirt and grease resistant and meets the strictest hygiene safety regulations.


Moreover, it is smoothly applied, maintenance-friendly and can be easily cleaned using the Vescom cleaner.