Vescom brand introduction in the US 

Vescom teams up with Koroseal to satisfy the North American market 

As of September, Koroseal will become the sole distributor of all branded Vescom products in North America (US and Canada). Over the next five months, Vescom will launch multiple collection books in North America through Koroseal. Distribution will target the A&D community working in the contract market. Wallcovering is the first release, on 1 September, followed by curtain fabrics and upholstery.

Vescom develops, manufactures and distributes interior products – wallcovering, upholstery and curtain fabrics – for the contract market. Founded in 1971 in Deurne, the Netherlands, Vescom has since grown into an internationally renowned brand with production facilities in the Netherlands, Germany and the US. Its products are mainly employed in hospitality, healthcare, offices and education projects. In these sectors, aesthetics often come second to functionality. Vescom, however, satisfies both ends of the spectrum with design-driven, sustainable products that satisfy the high technical demands required by the contract market. Based in Ohio, commercial-interior products platform Koroseal is a leading designer, distributor and producer of wallcovering, presentation surfaces, wall-protection systems, digital printing and other complementary interior products.

Vescom products 

Form and function go hand-in-hand in all Vescom products. The brand brings sustainable, long-lasting solutions to professional customers. Whatever the need, Vescom products inherently have the answer. The brand’s diverse range of wallcovering utilizes a wide array of techniques and colour tones, celebrating the innate beauty of materials through products that meet strict international contract-market standards. Plain, patterned, translucent; acoustic, black-out, dimming: Vescom’s adaptable curtain fabric range offers over 35 technical qualities. Lastly, the multifarious upholstery collection comprises vinyl and textile – durable materials that are flame-retardant, easy to use and colourfast. Everything at Vescom is designed with the same DNA. Thanks to visible crossover between the three product groups, individual materials used within a space feel like part of one family.


Vescom and Koroseal have developed a working relationship over the past decade. Koroseal has utilized Vescom’s specific manufacturing capabilities in the creation of several products, while others were distributed under the Vescom name outside of North America. ‘Over time our ties have become closer,’ says Vescom CEO Philippe van Esch. ‘We’re happy to strengthen those ties in the years to come. Koroseal has become an indomitable distribution power throughout the years – both in the US and in Canada through its subsidiary Metro. Vescom has been looking for a partner that can represent us to the fullest extent. Koroseal, on the other hand, was seeking to strengthen its product portfolio with a highly regarded brand. We both feel it’s the perfect fit. Together we can roll out a strategy that will prove relevant for our potential customers, with high-quality products and dedicated, reliable service as our cornerstones. At Vescom, our promise to our customers – in this case, architects and designers – is this: your specifications are safe with us. With our global distribution presence we can fully deliver on this promise.’


‘Our team at Koroseal is truly excited about distributing the Vescom brand in North America,’ says Koroseal president and CEO Rich Runkel. ‘Vescom is known for its European styling, worldwide brand presence and superior quality in manufacturing. The line is well coordinated and highly curated, giving the design community a fantastic palette of patterns and colours that are distinctive and highly specified for a myriad of end-use applications. And when you couple this line with the distribution muscle of Koroseal Interior Products in North America, the real winner in this partnership is the design community and the customers it serves.’