cushions recycled boucle upholstery fabrics Foster and Auckland

duurzame meubelstoffen voor huiselijk comfort

close-up recycled boucle upholstery fabric Foster

gerecyclede bouclé meubelstof met een zachte touch

close-up recycled boucle upholstery fabric Auckland

strak geweven bouclé melange, speels en driedimensionaal

duurzame meubelstoffen voor huiselijk comfort 

De duurzame gerecyclede bouclé meubelstoffen van Vescom combineren huiselijk comfort met de hoogste prestatiespecificaties voor de projectmarkt. De stoffen zijn heel zacht en creëren een warme en huiselijke sfeer in commerciële interieurs.

new nature-inspired palette for vinyl wallcovering Kilby 

Attuned to contemporary times through its strong connection to nature and wellbeing, Kilby’s 33-colour palette ranges from grounding earthen shades to fresh floral tones.

bringing the beauty of horizons indoors 

Vescom brings the natural beauty of horizons into the interior with the launch of Airy, a digitally printed transparent curtain fabric with the subtle structure of fine linen. Woven in Vescom’s own weaving mill and printed in-house, Airy combines Vescom’s longstanding knowledge of designing and producing woven textiles with its expertise in digital printing.

Transparent curtain fabric Airy

handcrafted linen looks for homelike comfort 

Granby and Rebun explore the design-and-aesthetic potential of vinyl wallcovering. Vescom’s in-house design team have harnessed their deep understanding of and respect for woven textiles, working with embossment to combine the human-centricity of soft textiles with the benefits of vinyl wallcovering.

transparent curtain fabrics Teon and Nias:  
open, airy and full of character 

How transparent can transparent curtains go? Teon and Nias are studies in openness and airiness. But that doesn’t mean they dissolve into the background. Teon and Nias introduce liveliness and expression into interiors by creating a play of colour, light and shadow.

fabrics made from 100% recycled plastic waste 

As part of our dedication to researching new alternatives and exploring future materials with an eye to sustainability, we have gone back to the root of upholstery fabrics: the yarn itself. Working with a new type of yarn made entirely from recycled PET bottles from local sources, Vescom has designed, developed and produced four cost-effective eco-friendly upholstery fabrics with a soft touch that meet the highest performance specifications for the contract market.

cradle-to-cradle textile wallcovering Meteor 

In addition to its distinctive look, the high performance and low environmental impact of Meteor make it an unparalleled product for contemporary times. Certified Cradle to Cradle® Silver – an assurance of its circularity – it is incredibly strong, durable and long-lasting, and achieves the highest level of flame retardancy in the Xorel® range.

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cradle to cradle green wallcovering on a wall

linen wallcovering: a 100% bio-based material 

Honouring the inherent natural beauty and diversity of linen, Vescom's linen wallcovering collection is carefully crafted, not over-designed, with 26 patterns that showcase a wide range of structures, yarns, effects and techniques.

50 years of craftsmanship 

Quality in function and design; that’s what it’s all about at Vescom. We develop, produce and distribute wallcovering, upholstery and curtain fabrics. Our products are used on the international contract market, primarily in the hospitality, healthcare, retail, office and education sectors.