How to create your  
customized digitally  
printed wallcovering 

from idea to installation

Vescom recognizes the value that customization can add to today’s international contract interiors. That’s why we offer architects and designers bespoke material solutions, including digital printing for wallcovering. Or as we also call it: Wallcovering+Print.

Vescom Wallcovering+Print can add character and individuality to interiors, tell a unique spatial story, or provide an integrated method of wayfinding. It can embed branding within the interior architecture, determine the mood of an entire space, or provide a feature accent within a spatial scheme. It's a solution that provides the perfect fit, like a handmade glove.

from idea to installation 

But, how does it work exactly? How do you create a customized digitally printed wallcovering that adds character and an extra dimension to your next project? Well, let us break it down for you. In this blog, we'll guide you through the process of taking your customized Vescom Wallcovering+Print from idea to installation.

this is how it works 

prepare your imagery 

It all starts with an image. What style of imagery is suitable for Wallcovering+Print? Get as creative as you like because any look is possible. Whether you provide us with imagery that’s realistic or abstract, of a pattern or material, or even text-based, we will translate it into a wallcovering of the perfect size and quality.


In our Wallcovering+Print manual you can read everything about image requirements: file formats, colour profiles, proportions and bleed. Download your copy here.

select your surface 

Vescom Wallcovering+Print is available in small and wide widths and in an array of eight different structured surfaces to accommodate any and every look and feel. From solid, smooth finishes to tactile gradients. From the woven structure of Sagara+Print to the plaster look of Tica+Print to Bely+Print’s linen likeness.


Thanks to their various textures, all of our printable surfaces interact with imagery in their own unique way. To help you make the right choice, we offer a free mini-swatch fan, a compact tool that presents all printable Vescom surfaces both with and without imagery so they can see the difference.


More information about the different structured surfaces and their possibilities can be found in our Wallcovering+Print manual.

compile your specifications 

Once you’ve selected and prepared your image and decided on the surface, all of this information – together with the desired size of your wallcovering – should be compiled and relayed to your Vescom sales contact, who will be on hand to guide you through the process. Only when all the necessary information is complete will the sales contact officially set your project in motion.

translation of image to wallcovering design 

Our expert design team will then begin to translate your imagery into a fully functioning wallcovering of the perfect size, colour and quality. We assess everything from the best method of printing to the most cost-effective use of materials to how to install the end result. The first result of this translation process is an Info Document, which needs to be approved by the customer before the wallcovering goes into production.


Vescom’s combination of expertly trained staff, advanced printers and state-of-the-art technologies ensures the highest quality results. And with an abundance of printers at the ready, we have the capacity to deliver an extremely high-speed service.


Our Wallcovering+Print can be easily applied by qualified experts. It requires no drying time and the wallcovering is odourless, so rooms can be used immediately after installation.

cleaning & maintenance 

Wallcovering+Print is easy-to-clean and disinfectable, offering a high level of protection in interiors. Cleaning is possible with standard household cleaning products and Vescom Cleaner.

get started! 

Now that you know what it takes to create a customized Wallcovering+Print, it's time for the fun part: creating your own!


We've developed a detailed manual that will guide you through the complete process of taking your customized Vescom Wallcovering+Print from idea to installation. We explain how to prepare your imagery and select your surface before handing the project over to our expert team to translate it into the perfect end result, and outline best practices for installation, cleaning and maintenance. Download now and get started today!

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