Walltalkers: wallcovering for presentation purposes 

writeable, projectable and magnetic wallcovering 

Turn your walls into a space for creativity, collaboration, and brainstorming with Walltalkers presentation surfaces. The wallcovering can be used as a projection screen, for dry erase writing and is magnetic. Ideal for offices, meeting and training facilities, marketing departments and design studios.

walltalkers - matte-rite

the benefits of Walltalkers 


The wallcovering can be used as a projection screen, for dry erase writing and is magnetic. The perfect alternative to whiteboards, flipcharts and projection screens.


The highest-quality materials ensure all surfaces maintain their flexibility and performance without cracking, peeling or deteriorating, even under daily use.

fire-retarding and safe 

Vescom has the CE label for vinyl wallcovering. The wallcovering complies with the strictest requirements for fire safety.

easy to install 

Walltalkers surfaces come in flexible rolls and install like most of our other wallcoverings. Simple instructions guide installers through the process of applying to a clean, smooth, sealed surface.

horizontally and vertically 

Walltalkers wallcovering can be applied both horizontally and vertically.

easy to clean 

Dirt and stains can be easily removed by simply wiping with a dry cloth or a wet sponge with a mild detergent or cleaner such as Vescom Cleaner.

walltalkers - just-rite

our Walltalkers collection 

mag-rite projectable  

Projection screen, attracts magnets and dry erase writing. Mag-rite projectable does it all. Engage and inspire users to unleash their best, most innovative ideas.

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Attracts magnets and dry erase writing. Put anything a magnet can hold to enhance a presentation, tell a better story or let brainstorming run wild.

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Projection screen and dry erase writing. Matte-rite offers a clean, virtually seamless solution for brainstorming and hashing out details in a meeting, classroom or studio.

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Dry erase writing. Perfect to share ideas, solve problems, teach and learn. The clean, bright surface provides excellent readability and eraseability.

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Walltalkers mag-rite

projects realized 

These projects show how Walltalkers makes walls usable for presentation purposes.