Natural luxury 

Vescom mohair velvet upholstery fabrics

Vescom’s mohair velvet upholstery is a testament to the beauty of nature. The luxurious high-end fabrics are made entirely with the hair of Angora goats that live in only a few specific places in the world, ensuring the material’s exclusivity.

Vescom’s mohair is sourced from South Africa, where the animals are well cared for and in conditions perfectly suited to fostering the unique resource.

angora goats

mohair velvet upholstery - product development

leading expert in weaving mohair velvet fabrics 

For decades, Vescom has been the leading expert in weaving mohair velvet fabrics – a specialized skill limited to a handful of weaving mills around the world, further contributing to the material’s exclusivity. The complex weaving process is undertaken in Vescom’s own certified 100% carbon-neutral weaving mill in the Netherlands. Harmoniously combining tradition and timelessness, the resulting fabrics celebrate handwork, craft and quality.

mohair velvet fabric Monte - colour development

producing mohair velvet fabric

the benefits of mohair velvet upholstery 

The properties and benefits of mohair velvet upholstery are intrinsic to this distinct all-natural material. Incredibly strong yet luxuriously soft, the fabric is long-lasting and easy to maintain in contract spaces. Mohair velvet upholstery can help control indoor climates, is fully flame retardant and has acoustic, sound-absorbing properties, making it a fitting choice for the likes of five-star and boutique hotels, upscale restaurants, high-end residential projects and opera houses. These qualities are confirmed by the successful use of Vescom mohair velvets in theatres and concert halls all over the globe. Its subtle lustre is inherent to the material itself – no additional finishes are necessary – aligning with luxury’s shift from glitz and glamour towards natural comfort.

mohair velvet fabric on seats in opera house

mohair velvet fabric on seats in opera house

discover all mohair upholstery fabrics 

Connected to a cotton backing, different 100% mohair pile options and heights produce different appearances – more matte or more lustrous – an effect enhanced by the way the materials interact with natural light. Once woven, the mohair velvets are simply piece-dyed and washed – the final steps in Vescom’s minimal-intervention approach to working with this natural resource. The fabrics are Cradle to Cradle® Bronze certified, guaranteeing their sustainability and safety.


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materials for an all-natural interior 

Vescom’s mohair velvet upholstery is part of a larger range of Vescom products that allow people to live in harmony with nature, all over. It works naturally with Vescom’s wallcovering collections made from bio-based materials, including linen, silk, wool and wood pulp.

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create synergic sustainable interiors 

It’s also possible to create synergic sustainable interiors by combining Vescom’s mohair velvet upholstery with other sustainable Vescom materials, such as wallcovering and floor-to-ceiling curtains containing recycled content. Even though each product has its own identity, these sustainable solutions are a blend of material-driven DNA, high performance and sustainability. Materials with a common ground for a common good – that’s Vescom’s Sustainable Materialogy.

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