Vescom Group 

Vescom Group is a combination of worldwide operating companies that specialise in the development, production and distribution of high-quality interior products: Vescom B.V., Vescom America Inc., Vescom Textiles B.V., Vescom Textiles GmbH and Vescom Textiles Inc.

The Vescom group companies are established in Europe and North America. Vescom Group stimulates and supports sharing knowledge – a clear benefit for both partners and customers.


In addition to a shared philosophy about design and quality, long-term experience, professionalism, innovation and service are the elements that link Vescom Group partners.

The success of Vescom Group is based on the ability of continuing to deliver the best performance under variable market conditions.

Vescom Group broadens the customer base and market reach of the individual partners. In addition, the group forms a vital mutual source of information: partners share their resourcefulness and experience. With regard to practical learned lessons but also in relation to all areas that are relevant for their respective companies: service, marketing, cost determination, production, distribution, quality control, design and technology.


The shared knowledge and resources strengthen the ability of Vescom Group to develop new products. While our partners work independently from each other, their performance is strengthened and increased by the general knowledge of the group.