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Sometimes a standard, pre-existing product just won’t suffice in an interior design. What’s more, unique and personalized interiors and interior materials can communicate an extra level of care and consideration, an attention to detail that helps people feel more connected with the space around them. That’s why we offer architects and designers bespoke material solutions for contract interiors, including digital printing for wallcovering, curtains and sheers, as well as customized colours for vinyl wallcovering.

integrate storytelling, branding and wayfinding 

Perhaps you want to incorporate imagery that tells a space’s specific story, intrinsically weave a brand’s identity into the interior rather than apply it as a superficial layer, or include a fully integrated method of wayfinding. Or maybe you have a specific colour in mind that isn’t available in an existing product. Whatever the reason, Vescom can create customized materials that are 100 per cent in tune with your needs. Solutions that provide the perfect fit, like a handmade glove.

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create a spatial statement with Wallcovering+Print  

Vescom recognizes the value that customization can add to today’s international contract interiors. That’s why we offer architects and designers bespoke material solutions, including digital printing for wallcovering. Solutions that provide the perfect fit, like a handmade glove. Whether architects and designers provide us with imagery that’s realistic or abstract, of a pattern or material, or even text-based, we will translate it into a wallcovering of the perfect size and quality.

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combine functionality and individuality with Curtain+Print  

Vescom’s digitally printed curtain and sheer fabrics make it possible to combine customized imagery with the high functionality of dim outs, black outs, acoustic sheers and more. Vescom Curtain+Print is available in a wide range of textures, yarn combinations and structures to add tactility and personality to spaces.

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make a match with custom colours  

Whether you’re searching for vinyl wallcovering in an exact brand colour, that one perfect shade to enrich your spatial story or you simply have a favourite tone that’s not available in our existing range, Vescom’s colour experts can provide the perfect match for your project. We can also help you mix and match from our standard vinyl wallcovering range: this colour with that structure, for example. Contact us to discover the possibilities.

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products for the  
contract market 

Some products simply look good, while others – particularly in the contract market – mainly fulfil a technical function. Vescom’s, on the other hand, do both. Vinyl is used for the majority of our printable wallcovering, providing an attractive yet incredibly durable solution to meet strict international contract market standards. Our curtain fabrics, on the other hand, look and feel completely natural yet are made from polyester FR to meet the strictest global standards for public buildings.

strong material synergy  

Vescom Customize complements the strong material synergy embedded within the entire Vescom product family: wallcovering, curtain fabrics and upholstery materials for the international contract market. Even though each solution has its own unique identity, Vescom products are all designed with the same hand. This means architects and designers can effortlessly combine members from different Vescom families to tell a cohesive, complete material story through texture, colour and look and feel. Vescom Customize adds yet another possibility – almost any possibility, in fact – to this holistic material narrative.

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