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Vescom is leading the way in the development, production and distribution of high-quality wallcovering. Belonging to the best in the sector, our extensive collection of vinyl boasts innumerable benefits. It’s the perfect solution for those who value mood as much as functionality.

Filled with various structures, colours and designs – some resemble luxurious tactile textiles, while others provide slick and super-hygienic surfaces – Vescom’s vinyl collection can either blend in or stand out. And the advantages far surpass its aesthetic appeal: the material is flame retardant, light- and colourfast, easy to install and maintain, resistant to scratches and impact, and offers protection against stains and chemicals. What’s more, Vescom’s vinyl wallcovering has a long lifespan of at least ten to 15 years.

fit for all  

Searching for something sturdy that feels specifically made for a space? Available in over 50 designs and a vast array of colours, Vescom’s vinyl adapts to every environment. And when the occasion calls for a tailor-made solution – whether it be branding, personalized graphics or photographic images – the material can be supplied with a customized print, all with Vescom’s signature stamps of quality and sustainability.

tough stuff  

Vinyl’s imperviousness to scratches and impact gives it a definitive advantage in high-activity areas. Vescom’s products resist climatic fluctuations and other outside influences, such as chemicals. And thanks to products with additional resistance – such as Tonga, Hauki and Palena, which are between one-and-a-half and two times heavier than standard vinyl – even rooms destined for intensive use are covered.

Vinyl wallcovering design Tonga

Vinyl wallcovering design Lismore

fuss free 

Vescom vinyl is quick and simple to apply. No drying time is required and the product is odourless, meaning rooms can be used immediately after installation. The material can be mounted seamlessly; see here for hanging instructions. Once it’s up, Vescom vinyl is relatively maintenance free. While the product can be easily washed with standard household cleaners, Vescom Cleaner is a mild, universal solution to ensure the product continues to look as good as new. Not only does Vescom vinyl conceal shrinkage and hairline cracks in walls but, until it eventually needs replacing, the material itself can be repaired in a virtually invisible manner if need be.

Vinyl wallcovering design Florence

onsite production, superior service 

Because Vescom vinyl wallcovering is produced at our own factory in Deurne, the Netherlands, it can be supplied straight from stock at required lengths to save customers time and money. Plus, our team offers second-to-none service – even after our products have reached your hands.

extra hygienic 

Vinyl wallcovering offers a great level of protection. It can be much better cleaned and disinfected than painted walls, a factor that’s particularly important in high-traffic, high-turnover spaces. Taking hygiene even further is Vescom Protect. Vescom Protect is wallcovering that can withstand intense cleaning and disinfecting without losing its beauty. Vescom Protect’s extremely hardwearing nature makes it the right choice for environments that require periodic intensive cleaning and disinfecting.

Vinyl wallcovering design Lismore

health and safety first  

Vescom works in accordance with a controlled and certified ISO 14001 environmental management system. Our vinyl wallcovering is made using environmentally friendly production processes. In addition, Vescom is a member of VinylPlus, an initiative started by the international vinyl-processing industry with the objective of promoting the sustainable production and use of vinyl. Bearing the CE label for vinyl wallcovering, the material also complies with the strictest requirements for fire safety.

Vescom production

wise choice  

Vescom’s vinyl wallcovering is a sound investment. Given its life expectancy of ten to 15 years, the remarkably strong and durable material is more affordable than alternatives such as glass fibre or paint. To achieve such a long service life, Vescom applies cotton backing to a high-quality vinyl finish, whose colour is integrally spread throughout the product.

Vinyl wallcovering design Watson

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