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Besides providing privacy and softening spaces, curtains undoubtedly bring a decorative element to interiors. Vescom curtain fabrics offer a wide range of textures, yarn combinations, structures and colours to add tactility and personality to spaces.

Matte and soft to the touch, Vescom curtain fabrics utilize all the functional benefits of polyester FR while answering our human desire for touchable, familiar materials. What’s more, the greater width of some of our curtain fabrics makes them suitable for railroaded installation, a cost-effective floor-to-ceiling solution.


8082.01 - 8082.24


8048.01 - 8048.09


8079.01 - 8079.13


8058.01 - 8058.18


8054.01 - 8054.15


8057.01 - 8057.33


8083.01 - 8083.16


7074.01 – 7074.33


8080.01 - 8080.09


8027.01 - 8027.37


8081.01 - 8081.16

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Interior curtains are the ultimate union of function, style and flexibility. They can help to determine the atmosphere and identity of a space, imbuing it with tactility and comfort while regulating light and temperature. They can soften reverberation and the space itself, connect or divide a room. They give us the opportunity to adjust our spaces to support productivity and wellbeing.


Not only do Vescom’s curtain fabrics come in a multitude of textures and colours, but they’re also designed to meet the strictest global standards for public buildings. Whether you’re an architect or interior designer searching for something that blends in or stands out, Vescom’s high-performance collection of curtain fabrics has the ideal option for every space in the contract market.

Close up of various colours curtain Tula

Besides providing privacy and softening spaces, curtains undoubtedly bring a decorative element to interiors. 

calming pastel palette of curtain fabric Ellis

Want to know everything about Vescom curtains and sheers? 

Everything you need to know about Vescom curtains and sheers can be found in our corresponding manual. This comprehensive guide explains the strict testing procedures these products undergo, outlines their technical specifications, and illustrates their potential spatial solutions. It also includes a compact, easy-to-use overview of each curtain fabric’s specific properties and benefits.

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