Silk wallcovering Ilesha

bringing natural luxury to
high-end interiors

Silk wallcovering Madhura

celebrate the unexpected beauty found in natural, artisanal materials

bringing natural luxury to high-end interiors  

Vescom enriches its already extensive and varied textile wallcovering collection with the introduction of 10 new woven silk wallcoverings. Aligning with Vescom’s material-driven DNA, the new releases effortlessly bring silk’s classic yet contemporary opulence to today’s contract interiors.

voluminous crafted upholstery fabrics 

Soft, tactile, crafted: upholstery fabrics Monte, Moore and Ponza can turn interiors into luxurious stages for the senses – places that offer the comfort of home and a sense of belonging in contract spaces.

bring crafted sophistication to interiors with our new Textile Wallcovering collection 

Celebrating crafted materials, our new Textile Wallcovering collection highlights the wide scope of what luxury means today. The 10 designs explore how different approaches to woven wallcovering using various materials create different luxurious looks and feels.

Vescom opens new showroom in Frankfurt 

Vescom has opened a new showroom near Frankfurt am Main, positioning itself as a hub for professional exchange and invites architects and designers from across Germany to explore its offerings.

recycled vinyl wallcovering that reflects – and respects – nature 

In an industry innovation, we’ve blended waste generated during our production processes into beautifully matte sustainable vinyl wallcovering. Fibras, Moon and Dunas are not only designed with nature in mind, but their structures and colours are inspired by nature.

an industry innovation: reworking waste into new sustainable vinyl wallcovering 

Devising sustainable solutions for vinyl wallcovering demands extensive research and in-depth technological knowledge. In an industry innovation, Vescom has blended waste generated during its production processes into beautifully matte sustainable vinyl wallcovering.

recycled vinyl wallcovering

synergic sustainable solutions 

Interior contract materials can contribute profoundly to our comfort and wellbeing. Vescom makes it possible to create a synergic sustainable interior using cross-category materials that incorporate recycled content, from vinyl wallcovering to upholstery to floor-to-ceiling curtains.

synergic sustainable materials made from recycled waste

50 years of craftsmanship 

Quality in function and design; that’s what it’s all about at Vescom. We develop, produce and distribute wallcovering, upholstery and curtain fabrics. Our products are used on the international contract market, primarily in the hospitality, healthcare, retail, office and education sectors.