Vescom takes its corporate social responsibility seriously 

Because we develop and distribute our wallcovering, upholstery and curtain fabrics ourselves, we basically control the whole of the production supply chain. This means that we are also capable of limiting the impact of our activities on the environment. Quality, therefore, is never just related to the product at Vescom. It also concerns the production process.

We continually search for ways of making this process cleaner and more efficient. We offer our customers a collection in which sustainable choices can be made. Focused operational management ensures minimal environmental impact. One of the environmental advantages of our products is, of course, the long service life.


environmental management

Our quality assurance system was certified in accordance with ISO 9001 as long ago as 1993. Ever since, we have incorporated environmental legislation and policy in our work instructions as a matter of course. We have made drawing up and executing company environmental plans a mandatory element of business policy. In 2001, we were the first company within our sector to introduce the ISO 14001 environmental management system.



We continue to select our partners and suppliers based on a criterion of double quality standards: both in terms of the product and in terms of environmental care. Nearly all our suppliers of raw materials are ISO 14001 certified. The same applies for most of our suppliers of semi-finished and finished products. We map out environmental aspects at these suppliers and continuously search for solutions together with them.


raw materials

We use a significant quantity of paper for our brochures and collection presentation binders. This has been FSC certified since January 2009. This means that the wood used for our paper comes from responsibly managed forests in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). As you can see, we continue to search for ways of reducing the impact that our raw materials usage has on the environment.


Vescom is a member of "VinylPlus". This initiative started by the international vinyl-processing industry has the objective of improving the sustainable production and use of PVC. "VinylPlus" is the successor of "Vinyl 2010" to which Vescom has been linked as from when it was established.


energy and water

We, in principle, choose the most environmentally-friendly alternative with regard to new investments. Even when this is proportionally more expensive. This approach has allowed us to achieve substantial savings in our consumption of energy and water in recent years.


The energy saving measures we have implemented in our buildings are perhaps not as sensational, but no less effective. This involves our lighting, heating and insulation. All these measures have resulted in a drop in our energy consumption per unit of product in the last few years. Our gas consumption is barely higher than 25 years ago. This while the production level has more than doubled and the number of company buildings has increased. Our electricity consumption has developed in line with our growth in production. In the mid nineteen nineties, we reduced our consumption of cooling water to 1,000 m³ per annum by implementing a closed circuit system for cooling our machines.


Vescom uses exclusively green electricity and gas.



Within the bounds of our own production process, we have already implemented a number of measures that have successfully reduced the quantity of waste. ISO 9001 certification has reduced errors and thereby reduced faulty product and waste. Monitoring and improving production methods has led to 20% less waste since the beginning of the nineteen nineties.