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Sometimes a more subtle level of control is required within a space. Perhaps you need to harness all the natural light you can get while maximizing visual and thermal comfort, or optically connect a space while creating a flexible physical border. This is where Vescom’s transparent curtain fabrics truly come into play. By letting light shine through, they allow architects and designers to introduce an aesthetic or acoustic layer that can conform to any interior without significantly disrupting its spatial qualities.

Made from polyester FR to meet the strictest global standards for public buildings and produced entirely in our own weaving mill in Germany, these unique and diverse transparent curtain fabrics capitalize on our expertise in construction, structures and effects. Easy to use and affordably priced, the results offer a wide range of different looks and feels: everything from subtle neutrals and sophisticated accents to graphic structured fabrics and textured wovens. Choose between different amounts of translucency, sheen and slub. Falling sinuously from floor-to-ceiling, the see-through selection offers something for any and every interior.


8056.01 - 8056.12


8024.01 - 8024.09


8053.01 - 8053.32


8052.01 - 8052.24


8055.01 - 8055.12


8051.01 - 8051.16


8026.01 - 8026.12


8037.01 - 8037.12


8025.01 - 8025.24


8032.01 - 8032.14


8071.01 - 8071.16


8077.01 - 8077.12


8078.01 - 8078.16

Vescom’s transparent curtain collection runs the gamut of fabrics, from subtle neutrals to unique accents to sophisticated metallics.  

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customizable with Curtain+Print 

Layer imagery through an interior with customized transparent curtains. With digital printing, our transparent curtains can be transformed into see-through canvases for creativity with whatever imagery you choose. Our floor-to-ceiling printable transparent options are: Chira+Print, Marmara+Print and Swan+Print.

Want to know everything about Vescom curtains and sheers? 

Everything you need to know about Vescom curtains and sheers can be found in our corresponding manual. This comprehensive guide explains the strict testing procedures these products undergo, outlines their technical specifications, and illustrates their potential spatial solutions. It also includes a compact, easy-to-use overview of each curtain fabric’s specific properties and benefits.

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