synergic sustainable solutions 

materials made from recycled waste

Interior contract materials can contribute profoundly to our comfort and wellbeing. Vescom makes it possible to create a synergic sustainable interior using cross-category materials that incorporate recycled content, from vinyl wallcovering to upholstery to floor-to-ceiling curtains.

Even though each product has its own identity, these sustainable solutions are a blend of material-driven DNA, high performance and sustainability. Materials with a common ground for a common good.

materials made from recycled waste 

Here you can find all Vescom materials made from recycled waste. Find out up close and personal how they work in harmony by requesting free samples. Click on the designs and add colour samples to your shopping cart.

upholstery designs 

wallcovering designs 

curtain designs 

"Because there’s not one sustainability solution that fits all, different products tell a different part of Vescom’s growing eco-conscious story." 

boucle upholstery fabrics foster and auckland panel

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