Vescom curtains:  
function, style and  
flexibility in one 

We expect a lot from today’s spaces. Some rooms need to adapt when we want them to – from an open-plan office to a private workspace, for instance. We need the right light and temperature at the right times – a dark hotel room when we sleep and the perfect amount of sunlight during the day. We need spaces that soften noise to help us relax or concentrate. And on top of all this, we want our spaces to look good and feel comfortable.

Interior curtains are the ultimate union of function, style and flexibility. They can help to determine the atmosphere and identity of a space, imbuing it with tactility and comfort while regulating light and temperature. They can soften reverberation and the space itself, connect or divide a room. They give us the opportunity to adjust our spaces to support productivity and wellbeing.


Not only do Vescom’s curtain fabrics come in a multitude of textures and colours, but they’re also designed to meet the strictest global standards for public buildings. Whether you’re an architect or interior designer searching for something that blends in or stands out, Vescom’s high-performance collection of curtain fabrics has the ideal option for every space in the contract market.


Here you will find everything there is to know about Vescom curtain fabrics. Read more about the benefits, discover the diverse collection and its potential spatial solutions, and learn more about the technical specifications of the product. Ready? Let’s dive in.

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different curtain fabrics  
for different needs  

control privacy and light with black outs and dim outs 

Black out or dim out curtains can greatly contribute to wellbeing. Think of hotel rooms and hospitals – places where the necessities of rest and sleep are often interrupted by light pollution. Vescom black out and dim out curtain fabrics offer a floor-to-ceiling solution, ensuring the best possible coverage. Made from polyester FR to meet the strictest global standards for public buildings, these solutions are also beneficial for spaces like conference rooms, classrooms and lecture theatres where projectors demand certain light conditions.


Blocking 100 and 99 per cent of light respectively, our black out and dim out options come in a vast array of colours that are attentively aligned with the different designs. The soft and luxurious fabrics include bright basics; silk, tweed and linen looks; and multi-tone grid and herringbone motifs. Stretching from floor to ceiling, these economically priced curtain fabrics provide privacy and ensure that rooms can experience the cover of darkness. What’s more, our black out fabrics exude serenity when viewed from within while appearing uniform from the outside.

Dim out curtain Elba in a hotelroom

connect and divide with transparent curtain fabrics  

Sometimes a more subtle level of control is required within a space. Perhaps you need to harness all the natural light you can get while maximizing visual and thermal comfort, or optically connect a space while creating a flexible physical border. This is where Vescom’s transparent curtain fabrics truly come into play. By letting light shine through, they allow architects and designers to introduce an aesthetic or acoustic layer that can conform to any interior without significantly disrupting its spatial qualities.


Made from polyester FR to meet the strictest global standards for public buildings and produced entirely in our own weaving mill in Germany, these unique and diverse transparent curtain fabrics capitalize on our expertise in construction, structures and effects. Easy to use and affordably priced, the results offer a wide range of different looks and feels: everything from subtle neutrals and sophisticated accents to graphic structured fabrics and textured wovens. Choose between different amounts of translucency, sheen and slub. Falling sinuously from floor-to-ceiling, the see-through selection offers something for any and every interior.

block sound, not sightlines with acoustic sheers  

Noise is disruptive. It interrupts communication, reduces job performance and causes fatigue. Vescom’s transparent acoustic curtain fabrics are designed to combat sound pollution and its negative health effects while maintaining connection in today’s open-plan environments. These productivity- and wellbeing-focused solutions reduce echo time, absorb sound and improve comprehension, making them ideal for offices, conference rooms, hotel lobbies and multifunctional spaces. Equally ideal for interiors rich in sound-reflective surfaces – concrete, glass and marble, for instance – Vescom’s acoustic materials soften both reverberation and the space itself.


Made from polyester FR to meet the strictest global standards for public buildings, Vescom’s transparent acoustic curtain fabrics provide five times more sound absorption than standard sheer curtain fabrics. This is thanks to the porosity of the fabrics, as well as the special weaving and yarn technology used in their production. Different levels of sheen are produced by the special yarn, and varying degrees of translucency are available within the collection. Despite their strength and superior acoustic performance, these high-quality curtain fabrics are extremely lightweight.

acoustics curtain 'carmen' in a office setting

essential curtains for everyday needs  

Besides providing privacy and softening spaces, curtains undoubtedly bring a decorative element to interiors. Vescom curtain fabrics offer a wide range of textures, yarn combinations, structures and colours to add tactility and personality to spaces. Matte and soft to the touch, Vescom curtain fabrics utilize all the functional benefits of polyester FR while answering our human desire for touchable, familiar materials. What’s more, the greater width of some of our curtain fabrics makes them suitable for railroaded installation, a cost-effective floor-to-ceiling solution.

the benefits of curtains and sheers 

The use of curtains and sheers in interiors has myriad advantages. They can tell part of a holistic colour and material story, soak spaces in comfort and quietness, connect or divide a room, and block or dim natural light.

Making the most of these benefits by achieving the right light, temperature and sound within a space is a delicate balance, and each space has its own requirements. Vescom curtain and sheer fabrics undergo various tests to prove their level of light, temperature and sound regulation, making it clear which product is the best fit for which conditions. For specific details about our testing procedures and scores, see the Curtains & Sheers manual.

visual comfort for greater wellbeing  

Curtains can regulate the natural light that enters a space, greatly improving its comfort and contributing to people’s wellbeing. Whether a space needs to reduce sunlight or glare levels or block out light entirely, Vescom has tried-and-tested solutions for every requirement.

Close up of transparant curtain 'Clare'

thermal comfort in every season  

Regardless of the season, curtains can enhance a space’s thermal comfort. In the warmer months, they can reduce the amount of solar transmission and absorption, thus preventing too much heat from entering through external windows. During cooler periods, they provide a sustainable solution for keeping in the heat. Thermal comfort is about creating an optimal – and efficient – indoor climate for any given situation at any time, something in which curtains can play an important role. We provide the total solar factor (gtot value) for our curtains, the measurement architects and designers need to be able to calculate the most efficient and cost-effective solution for their indoor climate in relation to the ideal climate situation.

Dim out curtain 'Rani' in a hospitality setting

dimming and blocking of light  

Vescom’s black out curtain fabrics block 100 per cent of the light from entering a space, thanks to a coating applied to the back of the fabric. All of our black out fabrics have a light-coloured reverse side, which means the curtains appear harmoniously uniform from the outside. What’s more, because lighter tones better reflect light, they keep out as much heat as possible. Our dim out curtain fabrics, on the other hand, block 99 per cent of the light from entering a space. They are tightly woven with a very dense black warp; the denser the warp and weft, the better the dim out function.

see-through sound absorption 

The words ‘translucency’ and ‘airy’ aren’t typically associated with acoustic materials. But that’s what you’ll find in Vescom’s collection of strong yet lightweight sound-absorbing curtain fabrics. Unlike heavy, cumbersome fabrics, Vescom’s acoustic sheers offer all the advantages of a sound-absorbing material while maintaining visual connections within an interior.

Acoustic curtain 'Formoza' connects and divides an interior

railroaded installation for floor-to-ceiling coverage 

Some of our curtain and sheer fabrics are woven on a double loom, giving them a width of between 270 cm and 317 cm. To achieve a seamless and cost-effective floor-to-ceiling solution, double width fabrics can be rotated 90° so that their width covers the height of the room. This is also called railroaded installation.

washable at 70°C 

The ability to wash and clean curtains is crucial for contract interiors – spaces like hotels, for instance, which experience a high turnover of individuals, as well as hospitals, where hygiene is non-negotiable. Textiles must be washed at a minimum temperature of 60°C to kill bacteria, viruses and dust mites. Most of our curtains and sheers are washable at 70°C.

creatively customize contract interiors with Curtain+Print  

Vescom recognizes the value that customization can add to today’s international contract interiors. That’s why we offer architects and designers bespoke material solutions, including digital printing for curtain and sheer fabrics. Whatever architects and designers bring to the table to fit in with their creative concept, Vescom’s expert design team will ensure that their two-dimensional imagery can come to life as a fully integrated fabric.

the ideal curtain fabric  
for every contract space  

Whether you’re an architect or interior designer searching for something that blends in or stands out, Vescom’s high-performance collection of curtain fabrics has the ideal option for every space in the contract market.

add control, comfort and character to hospitality spaces  

Hotel rooms should not only offer privacy but also enable a good night’s sleep. Vescom takes both factors into account, with sheers that conceal views from without, and black outs and dim outs that restrict light from entering the space. Our cost-effective floor-to-ceiling solutions ensure the best possible coverage and a seamless aesthetic. Curtains can also be used to divide rooms and other spaces within hotels, such as lobbies and restaurants. While acting as visual partitions, they contribute to the overall acoustics as well. Although we place great importance on the functionality of our curtain fabrics, we’re equally concerned with their aesthetics. Our design-driven curtain fabrics add colour, texture and comfort to hospitality spaces and high-end residential projects – all while meeting the strict safety requirements for commercial interiors. To make life easier for designers and architects, our curtain fabrics speak the same colour and material language as our wallcovering and upholstery collections, offering the possibility to create a holistic material concept.

give hospitals and care facilities a much-needed dose of homeliness  

Hospitals and aged-care facilities shouldn’t feel sterile and bland – they should create a calming, inspiring and comfortable ambience to contribute to the wellbeing of their inhabitants. With a contemporary rather than clinical palette, Vescom curtain fabrics add a sense of homeliness to such facilities. Biophilia can play an important role here, since nature-inspired environments are proven to contribute to the physical and mental health of those within them. Many of our curtain fabrics combine the natural look and feel of materials like linen and wool with the hardwearing and hygienic benefits of polyester FR. Hospitals and aged-care facilities need to balance comfort with cleanliness to make users feel at ease. Textiles must be washed at a minimum temperature of 60°C to kill bacteria, viruses and dust mites; most Vescom curtains and sheers are washable at 70°C.

transparent basic curtain Swan in a hospital

combat sound pollution and create flexibility in offices  

Today’s offices are striving to be more flexible, balancing open-plan environments with private, acoustic pockets that reflect the variety of tasks taking place over any given workday. Curtains provide a softer, more fluid alternative to other interior partitions. Our translucent acoustic curtain fabrics have the added benefits of allowing more natural light to flow through a space and maintaining visual connections between areas while simultaneously reducing noise pollution. Our curtain collection achieves corporate comfort – the feeling of being at home within the office – with neutral, structured fabrics that are designed, not decorative.

drawing from history,  
designing for the future  

At Vescom, we draw on our rich textile history while creating the best solutions for today’s spaces. We’ve spent decades developing, manufacturing and distributing curtain fabrics for the contract market, leaving us with a wealth of in-house knowledge and expertise, including design, technical development and production. We produce almost everything in our on-site weaving mill, giving us complete control over the manufacturing process.

Connecting to our innate human desire for tactility and texture, qualities we seek out in the spaces we frequent, Vescom curtain fabrics look and feel completely natural yet are made from polyester FR to meet the strictest global standards for public buildings. We’ve designed new yarns and weave constructions that push the boundaries of this material, elevating it to a new design-driven level. Our results are both contemporary and timeless; we’ve explored various material expressions to create different textures and structures, from wool-, linen- and cotton-looks to the sheen of silk.

Our product development is driven by market needs – architects and designers have specific material requirements, and we provide the solutions. For us, the design and the solution must be interwoven. Rather than generating patterns for patterns’ sake, Vescom responds to the distinct properties of chosen materials and techniques. Plus, we’re constantly researching new alternatives and exploring future materials – always with an eye to sustainability.


Although we have a wide range of colours available, we can also create custom colours for specific projects. Contact us for more information on how to collaborate with us to develop your bespoke materials.

putting safety,  
and quality first 

Safety, performance and quality are top priorities at Vescom. Our in-house team runs each fabric through extensive quality control procedures, both during and after production. To meet the strict global technical requirements of the contract market, all Vescom curtain and sheer fabrics also undergo both in-house and external testing. These tests determine the development of quality standards for our in-house production.

For specific details about our testing procedures and scores, see the Vescom Curtains & Sheers manual.

completely fire safe for the contract market 

Vescom fabrics are made from 100 per cent flame retarding yarns, making them completely safe and suitable for use in the contract market. We’ve chosen to embed flame retardancy in the yarn itself, rather than apply it as a finish to the fabric. Doing so guarantees the flame retardancy remains permanently contained within our fabrics, rather than evaporating into the surrounding air or leaching into the water during washing. Our products are tested worldwide in accordance with country-specific requirements, including European and American standards.

Linen-inspired curtain Rona in a hotelroom

good colorfastness to crocking and light 

We want our products to look as good as new for as long as possible, which is one of the reasons our curtain fabrics are yarn dyed. Our products are tested for their colorfastness to crocking, which is when fabrics give off colour when the surface is rubbed. We also test how well our colours resist fading when exposed to light, another common way for fabrics to lose their lustre.

good resistance to seam slippage 

Sewn seams are pressure points and can reveal weaknesses in the integrity of curtain fabrics. The term seam slippage refers to the separation of yarns in a fabric, often along this sewn seam. Good resistance to seam slippage also means curtains are protected against damage caused by handling, including opening and closing. It’s a sure sign of product quality – something Vescom takes very seriously – and should already be imbedded into the end result during production and confection.

certified for wellbeing with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® 

We want our products to contribute to, not hinder, wellbeing. Almost all Vescom curtain fabrics and sheers are therefore certified OEKO-TEX®. STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a global certification system that ensures every component of a product is tested for the presence of several hundred harmful substances, including pesticides, carcinogenic colourants and heavy metals.

IMO certification equals safe use on ships 

Vescom is a certified IMO supplier, meaning our curtain fabrics aren’t limited to the land. The IMO (International Maritime Organization) sets standards for the safety of international shipping, including which materials are allowed to be used on board. Only products that receive IMO certification – those that pass the most stringent of testing procedures – can be safely used aboard waterborne vessels, including cruise ships.

caring for  
Vescom curtains  

minimal shrinkage  

Vescom curtain and sheer fabrics are tested at 30°C and 70°C for shrinkage, achieving a shrinkage level of less than 3 per cent in both directions.

washable at 70°C 

The ability to wash and clean curtains is crucial for contract interiors – spaces like hotels, for instance, which experience a high turnover of individuals, as well as hospitals, where hygiene is non-negotiable. Textiles must be washed at a minimum temperature of 60°C to kill bacteria, viruses and dust mites. Most of our curtains and sheers are washable at 70°C.


For detailed maintenance and care instructions, see the Vescom Curtains & Sheers manual.

tap into the holistic world of Vescom 

Curtain fabrics are just one of the building blocks in Vescom’s interior solutions toolbox, alongside high-performance wallcovering and upholstery materials for the international contract market.

Even though each solution has its own unique identity, Vescom products are all designed with the same hand, the same DNA. This means members from different Vescom families can effortlessly come together to tell a cohesive, complete material story through their texture, their look and feel, their colour. Vescom products are designed to harmoniously support contract interiors, not to overpower them. Up close they reveal their innate structural beauty and crafted quality, while at a distance they seamlessly integrate into an overall architectural concept.

Want to know everything about Vescom curtains and sheers? 

Everything you need to know about Vescom curtains and sheers can be found in our corresponding manual. This comprehensive guide explains the strict testing procedures these products undergo, outlines their technical specifications, and illustrates their potential spatial solutions. It also includes a compact, easy-to-use overview of each curtain fabric’s specific properties and benefits.

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