how to clean and maintain our products 

Hygiene is a priority these days for every public space, whether it's a hotel, care institution or office. The environment of public spaces must provide protection through cleanability. That's why it's vital to clean, disinfect and maintain intensively used areas to eliminate hazards such as dirt, bacteria and viruses.

how to clean, disinfect and maintain  
vinyl wallcovering 

Areas in which vinyl wallcovering is used are frequently subject to intensive use. As with all interior products, a wallcovering should be cleaned on a regular basis. Our vinyl wallcovering is easy to clean and disinfect. Cleaning is possible with standard household cleaning products and Vescom cleaner.


In addition, vinyl wallcovering with a Vescom Protect finish ensures it can be cleaned with disinfectants based on alcohol and active chlorine, among others. These disinfectants destroy bacteria, fungi and viruses. Follow our cleaning advise to make sure the wallcovering will continue to look as new.

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how to clean and maintain vinyl upholstery 

Vinyl upholstery is maintenance friendly and can be easily cleaned and disinfected. Cleaning is possible with standard household cleaning products and Vescom Cleaner. How? Follow the special cleaning instructions for our vinyl upholstery. 

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does Vescom have a universal cleaning solution? 

Yes, it's called Vescom Cleaner. This is powerful concentrated waterbased cleaning solution for vinyl wallcovering and upholstery. Simple, quick and efficient to use. Suitable for both daily and periodic cleaning. Guaranteed results!

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can I wash Vescom's curtain fabrics and sheers? 

Yes, all of our curtain fabrics are washable. From sheers, to black outs, dim outs and acoustics. Washing at 60 degrees Celsius and above will kill bacteria and viruses. Most of our curtain fabrics and sheers can even be washed at 70 degrees Celsius, ensuring the interior stays hygienic and safe.


You can find care instructions for each fabric on our website.

curtain fabrics washable at 70 degrees Celsius

how to repair your vinyl wallcovering 

Vinyl wallcovering is scratchproof and impact-resistant. Due to use walls can be damaged, especially in spaces with high activity. Should the wallcovering be damaged, it can be simply repaired in a virtually invisible manner.

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