Vescom’s all-linen wallcovering brings pure nature indoors 

crafted by humans, for humans 

Vescom’s linen wallcovering collection is crafted by humans, for humans – all while utilizing the best techniques available today. With its handwoven look and feel, our linen wallcovering expresses its plant-based roots: a 100 per cent bio-based material that helps us live in harmony with the natural world. The collection offers a highly sophisticated take on organic materials: a premium-quality, durable wallcovering that will stand the test of time – both physically and aesthetically.

Vescom’s linen wallcovering is designed specifically to meet strict international contract market standards without compromising on beauty. Rich and elegant, the product adds the allure of natural luxury to commercial projects such as high-end hotels and restaurants, luxury retail and executive boardrooms yet is equally at home in the luxury living segment. The durable collection is flame retardant, stain resistant, light- and colourfast and anti-static.

flax plant

linen textiles embody tradition without seeming traditional 

Made from the fibres of the flax plant, linen textiles are some of the oldest in the world yet feel intrinsically fresh and contemporary. They embody tradition without seeming traditional. Vescom draws on the rich heritage of linen within close reach of our home base in the Netherlands. The fibres that become Vescom’s linen wallcovering are harvested in nearby Belgium and France – areas famous for their long history of linen production.

durable traditional crafted process 

The production of linen follows a traditional crafted process that has barely changed over time. Harvested once they reach a height of one metre, flax plants are pulled from the soil in their entirety to ensure the longest possible fibres are preserved. After removal, plants are left in the field for retting, a process whereby exposure to sun and moisture helps the plant’s fibrous external skin separate from its central woody core. After retting, the flax is scutched – a mechanical process that removes the flax fibres from the core – and then the fibres are ready for combing. Combing transforms the fibres into soft, lustrous ribbons, similar to ash-blonde hair. Once these fibres are spun, the yarn is bleached and dyed before being attached to a loom for weaving. Different looms are used for three different weaving forms: ‘plain or flat woven’, ‘dobby’ for producing small patterns, or ‘jaquard’ woven for creating larger scale patterns.

from flax plant to textile wallcovering

"The collection showcases various linen structures and scales defined by yarn sizes, slubs and weaving techniques." 

linen wallcovering collection:  
26 designs 

honouring the inherent natural beauty and diversity of linen 

Honouring the inherent natural beauty and diversity of linen, Vescom’s linen wallcovering collection is carefully crafted, not over-designed, with a wide range of structures, patterns, yarns, effects and techniques.

Linen’s organic origins are present in the plant-like patterns of Ivylin and Combolin, while Noblelin and Muralin expresses linen’s heritage through the timeless, fashion-focused herringbone motif. Celebrating sophisticated modern treatments and techniques, patterns like Meshlin, Metalin and Ringolin add a luxurious layer that produces a dynamic sheen-versus-matte effect. Colourways run from a series of classic neutrals that let linen’s pure essence shine through, to bolder palettes borrowed from the beauty of nature.

all linen wallcovering designs 


2620.84 – 2620.85


2620.50 – 2620.59


2621.20 – 2621.24


2620.87 – 2620.89


2621.50 – 2621.54


2620.81 – 2620.83

ethnic lino

2620.70 – 2620.74


2620.00 – 2620.09

golden flax

2620.20 – 2620.24

irish heritage

2620.40 – 2620.44


2621.90 – 2621.94




2620.30 – 2620.34


2620.10 – 2620.19


2621.30 – 2621.34


2621.80 – 2621.84


2621.40 – 2621.44


2621.70 – 2621.74


2621.10 – 2621.14


2620.60 – 2620.64


2621.00 – 2621.04




2621.60 – 2621.69


2619.90 – 2619.99


2620.90 – 2620.94


2622.00 – 2622.04

classic neutrals 

Linen’s natural diversity is clearly expressed in Vescom’s legacy series of classic neutrals. No design or embellishment is added; this is linen in its purist form. A showcase of various structures and scales defined by yarn sizes, slubs and weaving techniques. A range of saturation that runs from bleached to natural.

Textile wallcovering design Ethnic Lino

a design that tells the story of the collection 

Linen’s organic inspiration extends to certain patterns, such as a motif that references the fabric’s origin: the flax plant.

plant-inspired dyes 

The use of colour respects linen’s bio-based nature, with palettes of plant-inspired dyes. Selecting from the range of shades is like stepping into a spice store, strolling through a fresh fruit and vegetable market or visiting a traditional denim dyer.

a strong regard for heritage 

With a strong regard for heritage, the collection is filled with some of the most traditional yet timeless textile patterns, such as the herringbone motif often seen on suits and high-fashion garments.

close up textile wallcovering designs with heringbone structure

dynamic play between matte and sheen 

In combination with linen’s innate crafted look, Vescom’s collection celebrates sophisticated modern treatments and techniques. From the added tactility and three-dimensionality of embossing, flocking and laser-printing to the use of crushing, tumbling and brushing to suggest the patina of passing time. Lamination, coating and metallics, on the other hand, embellish fabrics with a luxurious layer to create a dynamic play between matte and sheen.

textile wallcovering examples

Textile wallcovering design Meshlin

inspired by the natural world 

Patterns inspired by the natural world suggest cellular structures and plant forms.

"Patterns inspired by the natural world suggest cellular structures and plant forms." 

free sample pack 

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linen wallcovering: 
a natural addition to the  
luxury category 

Vescom adds comfort and superior quality to an interior space, turning flat walls into inviting tactile surfaces.

Rich, elegant and designed to meet the strict international contract market standards, the durable product range is perfect for commercial projects such as high-end hotels and restaurants, luxury retail and executive boardrooms. Vescom’s linen wallcovering is equally at home in the luxury living segment, helping specifiers to turn homes into intimate retreats.

"The durable collection is flame retardant, stain resistant, light- and colourfast and anti-static." 

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