New railroaded 
black outs and dim outs 

Stylish, personal, soft and flexible 

Vescom is further expanding its range of light reducing curtain fabrics to now include three black out and three dim out designs. All with their own look and feel. Flame retardant, railroaded, durable, colour fast and lightfast and most of them can even be washed at 70 degrees. The black out and dim out fabrics prove that aesthetics and function can be perfectly combined. Even with their high light blocking characteristics, the fabrics have a friendly textile look, are very stylish with full flexibly.

black out: 100% of light blocked 

Daylight does not stand a chance with the new Vescom black out curtain fabrics. Sotra is a traditional curtain fabric with a silk look. In full and rich colours, such as burgundy and navy. Elba is multi-tone, grided and refined and offers a choice of 20 pastel and cotton-like colours. The already well-known Moroni has a stylish, cotton look and has been further developed technically. Available in a new series of 21 fresh and clear unpatterned fabrics. This black out curtain fabric also meets the European M1 standard.

dim out: 99% black out effect 

Rani has a visible woven texture with a dry linen look and a friendly colour palette. Bedra, a bestseller of the collection for many years, is a chic unpatterned curtain fabric with a slight gloss. The colour palette is new and extensive. In addition to light and dark colours, now more neutral colours and nuances in colour are available.


All black out fabrics, and dim out fabric Rani have a light reverse side: on the one hand, to create a tranquil view of the external wall and, on the other hand, to keep heat out as much as possible.