Vescom’s customizable Curtain+Print solutions 

High-performance digitally printed curtains and sheer fabrics for creatively customizing contract interiors  

Vescom is expanding its Customize offering with digitally printed curtain and sheer fabrics in an array of structures. The new on-demand service is a recognition of the value bespoke materials can add to today’s contract interiors: their attention to detail can communicate an extra level of care and consideration, helping people feel more connected with the space around them.

7 structured fabrics for every style 

Curtain+Print can fulfil a need that’s poetic or practical – or both. With options in a variety of functions – from acoustics to black out and dim out to temperature control – the floor-to-ceiling fabrics offer the opportunity to adjust spaces to support wellbeing, all with a personalized look.


Combining high functionality with a high degree of aesthetic choice, Vescom Curtain+Print is available in a range of seven different structured fabrics – a mix of dense and open weaves, solid and transparent options, and matte and sheen yarns. These fabrics look and feel completely natural yet are made from flame retardant polyester to meet the strictest global standards for public buildings.

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combining textile and digital printing knowledge 

Vescom has a long history of designing and producing woven textiles, and has been building on this knowledge ever since. Combining this knowledge with the expertise gained from many years of producing digitally printed wallcovering results in digitally printed curtain and sheer fabrics of the highest quality. The expert in-house design team will translate an architect or designer’s chosen imagery into a fully integrated fabric in the function that fits their needs.

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strong material synergy 

Curtain+Print complements the strong DNA and material synergy embedded within the entire Vescom product family: wallcovering, curtain fabrics and upholstery materials for the international contract market. Balancing aesthetics and high performance, all Vescom products are designed with respect for the inherent properties of their corresponding materials and techniques. Digitally printed curtains and sheer fabrics add yet another possibility – almost any possibility, in fact – to this holistic material narrative.

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