Hotel NH Collection Eindhoven Centre - Holland 

Products: wallcovering designs | Interior Designer: Mehdi le Mair | Photos: NH Hotels

Vescom's wallcovering creates a rich and luxurious look and feel 

The NH Collection Eindhoven opened in September 2017 is a luxurious addition to the modern city centre of Eindhoven. This hotel has 132 rooms and is part of the Groene Toren; a high building with a streamlined design that is a truly recognisable feature in the centre of the city. You can enjoy spectacular panoramic views in the top floor restaurant and the sky bar on top of the tower. The property is enriched by using Vescom wallcovering for the entrance lounge, reception, all guestrooms, the restaurant and the rooftop sky bar.

Mehdi le Mair was selected by NH as the interior designer. Mehdi said 'NH Collection Hotels are the premium class of NH Hotels located in large cities in Europe and the USA. This extremely luxurious branch of NH wants to exceed the expectations of their guests. Based on this, Vescom's products were selected.'

high class ambiance

Mehdi went on to say 'It was not just the high-quality materials that played an important role in my choice. The attractive price/quality ratio that Vescom offers was also a deciding factor. Vescom's products are durable, easy to clean, flame retardant, scratch and impact resistant, safe, colourfast and lightfast. I believed it was key to give the walls the right look and feel to strengthen the high class ambiance of NH Collection.'


vinyl wallcovering

'We choose vinyl wallcovering in an unpatterned colour in a linen look. The tone was set using natural, light colours and earthy tints on the walls in the entrance lounge and reception. The higher you go in the building, the darker the nuances. A glossy night vibe can be felt in the rooftop sky bar thanks to darker tones and golden accents on the wall. Guests are submerged in luxury and believe they are in a world city as from the moment they come into the hotel. The metropolitan ambiance is present everywhere in the hotel partly because of the choice in wallcovering; rich, warm and with a hint of sexiness.’

applied designs 


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