Durable wallcovering plays a key role in the renovation of this school building 

Project: Johannes-Kepler-Schule, Fulda - Germany

Product: vinyl wallcovering | Architect: Möller + Vey | Photos: Möller + Vey

The Johannes Kepler School was inaugurated in 1974. Since then, several generations have walked through these hallways. Today, over a 1000 students and more than 80 teachers come to this school every day. Because the building is used by large student and teacher flows on a daily basis, there was a lot to consider for the recent renovation. Ultimately, vinyl wallcovering played a key role.

tough environment 

A lot had changed in the Johannes Kepler School within four decades. “While the students used to be at home for lunch, they are now in school until late in the afternoon. Classes are spread over the whole day, ”says Günter Unterstab, former deputy headmaster.


The high frequency of rooms and corridors also had to be taken into account during the renovation. “There is hardly any other building with as much movement as a school; Every 45 minutes, over 1000 people flow through the building, ”explains project manager Henning Degener from the Fulda architecture firm Möller + Vey.

vinyl wallcovering: the alternative for paint  

The wall surfaces played a very special role in the renovation, especially in terms of durability and the ability to keep them clean. Painted walls - as can be found in most schools today - were out of the question from the start. Möller + Vey came up with the suggestion to use Vescom vinyl wallcovering - a real discovery for us”, says Günter Unterstab.


The final approval for the material was preceded by a test installation on a class wall. With success: the caretakers of the school in particular, who previously had to constantly renovate all walls made of plaster and paintwork, were quickly convinced. The school management and the Fulda district, the cost bearers of the project, also agreed to the Vescom design.

low-maintenance and a long service life 

"The advantage of vinyl wallcovering is that it is scratch and impact resistant," says Henning Degener. The material is also easy to clean and disinfect. The investment is a bit bigger at the beginning. However, because the vinyl wallcovering is so low-maintenance and does not have to be painted all over again, it is ultimately less expensive.

„The advantage of vinyl wallcovering is that it is scratch and impact resistant“ 

The hall walls of the school are kept in friendly white, color accents were set in the classrooms and one wall was designed red, blue or green. In the entrance and break areas, the colors also serve as orientation: the building is divided into a blue, a red and a green wing.


After completing the renovation, Günter Unterstab came to a positive conclusion: "The caretakers are satisfied, but the teachers and students are even happier - teaching and learning is more fun in a beautiful and clean environment."

applied designs 

colour choice

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