Acoustic sheers minimize sound disturbance in the new BYK Chemie office building 

Project: BYK Chemie, Wesel - Germany

Product: acoustic sheers | Architects: bkp GmbH | Photos: Annika Feuss Fotografie

combat sound pollution while maximizing visual connections 

Flowing forms and structures that merge with each other on different levels characterize the room design of the new BYK Chemie office building in Wesel. The company had an old warehouse converted into a state-of-the-art working environment, where people can work in a concentrated manner, communicate creatively and relax individually. Vescom’s transparent acoustic curtain fabric Formoza serves as a privacy screen and room divider, for good room acoustics and as a striking design element.

retreats and communication zones 

The design concept comes from the Düsseldorf architectural firm bkp and was awarded the German Design Award 2021. In addition to classic office workplaces, it includes many sitting areas, meeting rooms as well as retreat areas and open bistro corners. The way in which the individual areas of the office landscape are arranged ensures a particularly high standard of acoustics and thus concentrated work. Pretty remarkable for an an open-plan environment with an area of ​​around 3,000 m2.


“We had no question about considering Vescom acoustic fabrics for this project. We have worked with Vescom many times and appreciate the fast and uncomplicated dispatch of samples, "says Eva Boss, Head of Design and partner at bkp:" Because Formoza is available in such a wide range of colors, we quickly found the corporate design of the customer's matching color tones. The fabrics have a great spatial effect, because their light, flowing structure emphasizes the 'round corners' that are part of our interior design concept."

high acoustic standard for concentrated work 

The bkp team succeeded in developing a working environment from a large, open area that meets the needs of all employees. The architects, interior designers and communication scientists from bkp worked together with an acoustician to achieve the best possible result. They calculated exactly how much sound-absorbing material had to be used for good acoustics.


The large window areas - customary for industrial halls - allow an unrestricted view of the garden and support the feeling of being very close to nature inside the building. These large glass windows also have a disadvantage: they represent sound-reflecting surfaces that generate a lot of reverberation. The use of acoustic components is therefore inevitable. The sound-absorbing Formoza curtain fabric in green, anthracite and blue can therefore be found in many parts of the building. It is translucent, flame retardant and washable at up to 70°C. Stretching from floor to ceiling, the curtain fabric emphasizes the flowing shapes and structures of the interior.

applied designs 


8026.01 - 8026.12

block sound, not sightlines with acoustic sheers 

Noise is disruptive. It interrupts communication, reduces job performance and causes fatigue. Vescom’s transparent acoustic curtain fabrics are designed to combat sound pollution and its negative health effects while maintaining connection in today’s open-plan environments.

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