Inspiring workplaces: an office case study with Vescom fabrics and wallcoverings 

Project: Haniel Campus Duisburg – Germany

Products: vinyl wallcovering and curtain fabrics

Design: VRAI Interior Architecture | Photos: Nina Struve

From the prestigious company headquarters to a contemporary office landscape 

The investment company Haniel is located in a 100-year-old, protected monument building at the Duisburg harbor. The administrative building, covering an area of almost 3,000 square meters, was traditionally divided into individual offices, double offices, and a separate executive area. Now, it has been transformed into a contemporary office landscape by VRAI interior architecture. Based on the company's philosophy, workspaces in various colour schemes were created. This included the use of the Vescom fabric Lani as curtain fabric in four different colours, as well as the vinyl wallcovering designs Nero and Colour Choice.

To achieve bright, spacious, and open areas, the building was connected across all floors through a vertical breakthrough. This resulted in 92 workstations with retreat options in the form of lounges, exercise rooms, phone booths, and record studios. These are complemented by meeting rooms and generous community areas with a relaxed living room atmosphere. Different thematic areas are visually separated by colours: starting with "Planet" in green, "Progress" in spacey gray, and "People" in blue, the "Tradition" section appears in warm red.


The woven wool felt fabric Lani serves as a flexible visual barrier and contributes to improving acoustics. Originally an upholstery fabric, this soft and simultaneously robust wool design is often used as curtain fabric by architects. Although not a classic acoustic fabric, Lani contributes particularly to sound protection in high spaces with large glass surfaces. Vescom demonstrated the highest flexibility in the colour options: among the 56 available colors, there was no exact matching shade of green. The desired colour was promptly developed in our own laboratory and the fabric was produced in a custom colour at the Vescom weaving mill in Münchberg, Franconia.

applied designs 

colour choice

1056.001 - 1056.140


7060.01 - 7060.56


1024.01 - 1024.54

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